Does Vegemite taste good? Do you eat it? What are some things you can make with it?!

Question: Does Vegemite taste good? Do you eat it? What are some things you can make with it?
Oprah tried some today on her show and she said she loved it. It had a salty flavor. Since it's brewers yeast does it taste like beer? Because that would be gross! It's sold at our stores and I would like to buy some if you say it's not horrible.


I do not like it at all Buttercup. I tried it years ago.

no, vegemite has a very strong, unique flavor. spread VERY THIN over buttered toast is the classical way of having it.

Other suggestions, put sliced fresh tomato on top, fresh avocado & with grilled cheese.

Well to be honest with you, I haven't met that many people from out side Australia who likes vegemite.

However, vegemite is very healthy for you. One of the richest sources of vitamin B

My dad is a migrant to Australia and he hates it
My mum is Australian and she likes it
I'm half Australian and I think it's tolerable but I don't love it

It's salty AND sticky. It tastes a bit like brewers yeast smells, only stronger. I like to spread it thin on garlic sourdough, but I like bold flavours.

I`ve seen on a TV show that a lot of Australians love it, but many Americans think it`s way too salty. Australians probably like it because they`ve spent their whole lives eating it.

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