how do you make veggie soup from canned goods?!

Question: How do you make veggie soup from canned goods?
All I have is canned vegatables and chicken broth and whatnot, but alot of it , I want to make veggie soup.

how can I do this?


Put your chicken broth into a pan.
Drain your vegetables and add to broth
Add a bay leaf if you have it.
Some garlic if you have it.
Parsley and any other spice that sounds good to you.
salt and pepper
If you have potatoes or even a can of potatoes you could dice them up and add to soup.
Simmer until vegetables are tender.

Add some rice and/or egg noodles or any type of pasta.
Simmer until done.

Put your broth in a pan.
Add the cans of vegetables you want in your soup.
I think it would taste better if you first sauteed some fresh onion and celery.
A can of beans would add a nice flavor as well.
Just go through the cabinets and look for vegetables you think would taste good in the soup.
Once you have all the cans of vegetables in the pan bring to a simmer and heat through. If you have added the fresh onion and celery cook them a bit before you add all the other ingredients.
Omit salt until the end as most canned vegetables have salt added. Some pepper parsley, oregano or other herbs that you desire would make a good addition.

Drain the vegetables before adding them to the soup. Drain and rinse any beans you wish to add.

in crockpot/slow cooker or in 2 quart sauce pan, pour in the veggies including the liquid, fill to 1 inch of top with broth. turn on and bring to boil. turn heat down to simmer for half hour.

add to this for thicker broth, about 1/4 cup water or broth and 2 tablespoons cornstarch or flour or arrowroot. Stir the cold liquid and powder together then stir into soup.

You can add some herbs to the soup too at the beginning, like 1 or 2 tablespoons chives, cilantro, sage, oregano, parsley, etc.

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