Did you know you are never supposed to microwave water alone?!

Question: Did you know you are never supposed to microwave water alone?
You should never heat a cup on the microwave with JUST water alone. The water can burst up into your face and scald you. Some phenomenon known as superheating. For some reason it doesn't boil and so when you put something in it, it can burst up into your face. Always heat with something in the water (eg tea bag). Best to use a kettle!

Read on at snopes:

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I have heated water occasionally in the microwave but never more than 2 minutes fortunately!

Have you ever done that?


strange, I saw on TV a few weeks ago that it was a good way to wash your microwave without using the grip of the sponge (it's bad for the inside paint).

sorry for my bad english

I have boiled just water alone all of the time, and nothing has happened. You can boil regular tap water because boiling is a result of the impurities in the water. You can NOT however boil distilled water because no impurities are available to be boiled out.

Myth Busters TV show.

We have been putting a cup of water in our microwave ever since we got our first microwave. Easy way to keep the thing clean. Of course you do not leave it boil forever. Just use a bit of common sense.

I boil tap water in the microwave all the time, it really does make cleaning it easier.

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