How do you make ice? PLease!!!!!?!

Question: How do you make ice? PLease!!!!!?

This is a terrible and painful thing to do. Making ice is one of the most terrible hardships a man or woman can face in his lifetime. However, once you have performed the necessary rituals, it will be easy. After the ritual, you will be able to make ice just by putting water in a freezer.

For the ritual, you must wait for a heavy snow to fall on your town (minimum of 6 inches). Using your mouth, put all the snow in a 5-mile radius of your place of residence into a large bukkit. This will anger the mighty Lord Of Walruses, so the bukkit will be magically transported to the nearest walrus. When you locate the walrus in possession of your bukkit, remove all your clothes, cover yourself COMPLETELY with your own feces, and bellow "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!" and hurl yourself upon the walrus. Engage in brutal combat, and when the walrus has been beaten to exhaustion, perform coitus. This will prove to the Lord of Walruses that you are worthy of ownership of a bukkit, and you will receive your bukkit. If any of the snow has melted, start over. Then, go to your place of worship (or for atheists, go to your local natural history museum, with your bukkit, and go to your priest, rabbi, curator, or other religious leader and perform the song "Bad Romance." He will then proceed to beat you in the face with a guitar and leave you below the holiest symbol in your religion (or the largest exhibit in the museum, dumping all the snow from your bukkit upon you. This will cause you to enter into a coma in which you dream of meeting your god or the elements. You will plead with him/her/them to give you the power to make ice, and once you do, you will awaken, and find ice waiting in your fridge.

Congratulations! You can now make ice.

Personal Experience

I don't make ice. My refrigerator does it automatically.

In days gone by without ice-makers, I just filed ice trays with water and popped them in the freezer. it takes a few hours.

If you want perfectly crystal clear ice, boil the water before you freeze it, but let it cool before putting it in the freezer.

I can't decide if this is a trollish question of you you are simply to ignorant to be allowed in a kitchen without supervision.

Doc Hudson

The process of making frozen water is a highly complicated process involving some really convoluted scientific equations to perfect it, and therefore requires an advanced degree in Chemistry to render effectively.

I have an associate's degree in music from a community college. But I can make ice :)

Well you can use an ice tray or any sort of container fill it with water and stick it in your freezer, check back after a certain amount of time depending on your amount of water and you should have ice at some point

I push a button on the door of my refrigerator and out it comes through a hole.

I can have cubes or crushed, I prefer cubes though.The crushed freezes up into a big ball of ice.

You can buy ice trays or simply put the water into an old plastic bottle and then put it into the fridge. Overnight it will turn into ice.
This is a funny question!! No offense though, if you're not joking.....
Hope this helped xxx

Get something u would be able to freeze and poor waterput into freezer wait couple hours maybe 1 or two depending how big ice would be and their you have it.

Get whatever you want the ice in and fill it with cold water, stick it in the freezer overnight LOL.

This question cracked me up.

Really? ice cube tray, fill it with water, put it in the freezer.

r u serious rate me best answer get an ice tray fill it up with water hot or cold and but it in the freezer to freeze ur welcom

Well Put water into a bottle then put it in a freezer.

Put water in the freezer i.e. make it cold

freeze water!

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