A question about baking?!

Question: A question about baking?
I have been baking my own whole wheat bread for about 2 years now but have used a bread machine.I am trying to bake it in the oven but can't get the dough to rise properly.
I put the proper amount of yeast in warm water and let it set for about 10 minuets but it won't froth up like it says it should.
Also should I add a touch of sugar to the yeast?

Thank you.


It should not make any difference from a yeast prospective weather you are using a bread machine or not. You CAN add sugar to proof the yeast to speed things up but its certainly not necessary. Proofing yeast is only done to avoid wasting ingredients in the event that your yeast is dead.

I buy yeast in bulk and don't bother proofing yeast anymore. I use my yeast so frequently that I am confident that if it were alive and well yesterday that it will be alive and well today. In 20 years of baking with yeast, I have only had two incidents of dead yeast and both were my fault (water was too hot). If you are buying yeast packets, I would continue to proof the yeast. Use warm water about the temp you would use for a baby bottle (about 110f). Yes, stir in a teaspoon of sugar to get the activity started.

Lastly, yeast activity is highest in the 100f - 110f range (or slightly higher) but the best bread is made with slower yeast activity (75f).

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