what is your favorite sauce/spice to add to food?!

Question: What is your favorite sauce/spice to add to food?

I like tabasco sauce.We grow the peppers and make our own.I use a lot of other herbs & spices,depending on the food.

It would depend on the food product. There is a Maple Chipotle Garlic Sauce that is great brushed on meat, poultry and fish prior to broiling, baking or roasting. Sorry, can't give the brand, am no longer sure of Yahoo answer rules as was recently sanctioned for giving legitimate recipe link.

My normal combination for just plain broiling or baking proteins is a mixture of garlic powder, fresh ground black pepper, hungarian paprika and wee bit of salt.

For chicken squeeze on a bit of lemon and sprinkle some dried oregano before broiling..

chocolate sprinkles and banana bread chunks and chocolate chips on delicious icecreamcreamcream~ yum :D

HOT SARACHIAAA, or however you spell it lolll :)


simple cayenne pepper

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