What would happen if I tried to deep fry pancake batter just as you would donut batter?!

Question: What would happen if I tried to deep fry pancake batter just as you would donut batter?
Obviously donut batter is significantly thicker than pancake batter, but what would happen if I plopped a heaping spoonful of pancake batter into the fryer? Would it stay intact? Or am I looking a huge mess?


I think it will be like a funnel cake you buy at the fair. Pour it in slowly in a 350 degree oil and make certain the strands of batter touch one another. Flip it after 30 seconds. Dust with powder sugar when it's still piping hot.

Below is a funnel cake recipe.

Good luck!


can be done fill up a measuring cup and then quickly pour batter into the fryer in a criss cross pattern, as the batter hits the oil it will fry on bottom as you continue to "layer" it will make a round pancake with holes, very much like a funnel cake.

Notim, having a machine a got at auction, I tried to be a smart a**, and do the these amazing ideas, yours was the first one, what I ended up with was a mess, and a four hour total pull down and clean.

You'd have a helluva mess.

As you noted, but donut batter is much thicker and holds together. The thin pancake batter would separate into dozens if not hundreds of little globules which would quickly overcook and burn.


It would be kind of like a donut hole. Kind of greasy.

It's not thick enough, it will go toe the bottom and burn

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