What goes with horseradish & apple?!

Question: What goes with horseradish & apple?
I want to make a panini with horseradish sauce & apple slices. What kind of cheese, meat & bread would go best?


Sour dough bread
Swiss Cheese
Roast beef

Apple washed, dried the surface of the water (dry with paper towels too). If it is to buy apples, most of the surface layer of wax, preferably with warm water and soak until the wax after the wash solution. Apple to the core, cut into small pieces, with the blender (Apple pulp rather hard, I added 80ml water, whipped together). Not too broken, leaving a number of fruit, eat it taste better. No mixers, hand-cut you can.
Puree the apples in the sugar added, covered with Gail, put it aside for 1 hour. I am the night before to prepare the material, so let the night, Apple easily oxidized, the darker the color.
Set the fire pan, open cooking.
Juice of half a lemon to squeeze into, the taste will be better. After boiling, turn a small fire, and from time to time stirring with a spatula to avoid the paste pot. Until the water evaporated, the pulp has become more viscous and can off the fire.
Puree until cool to warm, add 2 tablespoons of honey, mix well. Honey, jam can not only increase the flavor, but also can play a role in preservation. The jam into clean, dry glass bottles. Scoop a spoonful of honey poured on top, then covered with plastic wrap. Gail cover, upside down 20 minutes later, into the refrigerator. 2 days later you can eat. When fed with a clean, dry spoon. Can store about 3 weeks.

I think some slice pork roast and provolone would taste great with the apples and horseradish. And I think sourdough goes with everything.

Roast beef & swiss on a multi-grain or rye bread - with spicy mustard. Cuban pulled pork would go well also.

sourdough, brie, turkey, with a sun roasted tomato spread.

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