Making burgers... help?!?!

Question: Making burgers... help?!?
I need a recipe for delicious burgers. Every time I make burgers their too dry, too salty, too blank, not cooked, or even burnt.

Any suggestions..... (I don't have breadcrumbs at the moment)


Truly, the best burgers are just the meat, nothing added, and no more than 80% lean...

You don't need breadcrumbs, etc. If you want to mix in a few spices, or part of a packet of Lipton onion soup mix for onion-y flavored burgers, that would be OK...but the more you handle the beef, the tougher it gets...

The reason your burgers are dry is that you probably keep "whacking" or pressing them as they cook and begin to ooze juice with the spatula or turner. DON'T! They should never be pressed, and should only be turned, ONCE! Cook them on medium heat, or a little lower. Cooking them on a higher temperature will make them burnt or hard on the outside, and raw or under-cooked on the outside.

My family owns and operates a small, southern restaurant that is wildly successful, and over the years we have served movie stars, famous singers & other celebrities and hundreds of thousands of every-day people who rave about our burgers.

We get our ground beef directly from the butcher and make the patties by hand, just as you would in your kitchen...and the only ingredient is THE BEEF! No salt, no pepper, nothing, NO KIDDING! And we can't make 'em fast enough to keep the customers happy!

The secret to a really good burger is to leave it alone to cook, and to not "mess it up" by trying to add a bunch of seasonings that prevent the flavor of the meat from coming out!

Another hint: When making your patties, push an "almost" hole, or indentation, into the center of your patty, as if you were trying to make a donut hole, but don't go all the way through the will even out during cooking, and prevent the burger from becoming a "ball" will be more flat, like a cooked burger should be.

1. make smaller patties and keep a close eye on them.

heres a good one i always use (no i don't have specific amounts)

Ground beef
splash of Worcestershire
1 egg
Pulverized soda crackers (make cracker dust) (i use a rolling pin and ziplock bag)
Pulverized onions (chop almost to paste with food processor)
enough BBQ sauce to make it sticky
Chili powder

Put them on the BBQ on a sheet of aluminum foil

made burgers wednsday

Buy 80/20 ground beef. That means 80% meat, and 20% fat. That is the best yes it is fatty but if you go with a lean beef you will have tough and dry burgers.

Many people will say to add eggs, and some kind of binder with onions, onions soup mix and so on. That is Not a burger, that is mini meat loaf.

Just using a gentle yet firm pressure form the burgers. Put a small indentation in the center to avoid that rounded otu bubble. Use a scale or even ice cream scoop to measure the patties out to even sizes.

The fat will drip out as you cook it and still give you a nice juicy burger. If you use lean meat any fat drips out and leaves you with nothing but a dry patty.

The George Foreman grill makes great hamburgers! Just watch them so they do not burn. Poke holes in the top- if the juice is red at all then it needs to cook more- if not, then take it off. Get cheap cheese if you want a cheeseburger- it will melt while expensive cheese does not. Mayonnaise is great too!

I eat them for lunch sometimes.

Chris, when I prepare my burger pattie, I make them thick at least 3/4". All I do is season with salt and pepper, and on to a hot grill. We have ours medium to medium rare. We like to taste beef not have them overpowered, with garbage. When they are cooking I turn them only once, I cook them max four minutes each side.

I like to cook them on the grill after spreading A1 on both sides then cook them like that. Also if they are burnt outside and raw inside your cooking with the fire to high turn the temp down.

Try using Montreal Steak Seasoning and don't squeeze the juice out of them while they're cooking.

Mix in a moderate amount of Acapulco Gold.

let soak in honey or jelly trust me

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