Could u live without peanut butter?!

Question: Could u live without peanut butter?
peanut butter is such a staple of the american diet (who didn`t eat a pb&j at some point in their life???), but can u imagine that there are places on this earth where it`s almost unheard of??? this is true, in brazil they don`t have peanut butter (they have peanut cream, not the same by a long shot, or u can buy it from the export food sections in the store-very expensive!!!), so do u think u could live without it???


yes I could live without the cr@p....

No, every once in a while I need my Peanut butter spread over unsalted butter open faced slice of very fresh bread.
As a kid, my mother sent me to school with lunch and I ate PB everyday 365 days if I could. I was no trouble as to what to make for lunch. I guess I grew out of it., But there is a lingering desire as I said.

I live in the UK and am seriously allergic to Peanuts so ive never even tried peanut butter! So many people have allergies that Peanuts are actually quite rare and clearly marked on foods in supermarkets now! So easily avoidable if you're allergic like me! :/

Nobody eats peanut butter except us.
A foreign exchange student we had from Germany had never had peanut butter in his life, and he was completely disgusted by the idea

Peanut butter is a scarcity where I live so I could live without it. It is delicious though.

I do live quite happily without peanut butter

Micah, sure can.

yeah no problem
i like it but not THAT much

i can't live without chocolate though

Yeah I suppose so...would miss it though so tasty

I have it in sandwiches with apples


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