How to make a good tea(chai)....?!

Question: How to make a good tea(chai)....?

firstly the water should be soft water. if your in a hard water area use bottled water ... just bottled not mineral water. then you boil the water in a pot and add crushed ginger, cardamom and maybe cloves if you like. then you let these simmer for about 4 minutes. you then add the tea leaves. I personally think Society tea is the best. bring this to a boil and simmer for another one minute. now add the milk and bring it off the flame as soon as the milk boils. keep stirring all the while. drink it before it cools and do not reheat.

Depends on how many cups you are making.

I usually measure before hand but neways ..

1.boil water, make sure its boiling when you put the tea leaves in.
usually a semiheaped teaspoon for two cups.
if you are using tea bags , its best to use 2 for one cup .. i usually use 3 for 2 cups.

2. Let that boil for a minute or two, some people add a tiny bit of sugar for the color to really deepen.
If u really like it steeped well, cover and let it simmer on very low heatfor a couple of minutes.

Tea is done

you can add milk .. powered, condensed (i prefer this) or fresh

At times ppl use fresh milk ... boil it. just add tea leaves or tea bags ..
this is a more creamier version of tea .. more like a chai latte!

I also tried using a coffee maker to steep tea.. works wonders ...
in the filter sumply add tea bags! a hot pot of tea right from the coffee maker :)

hope this helped...Enjoy

warm a glass of milk, add chai tea... let it seep for a few minutes adn then if you want, you can add cinnamon or honey.

Just boil warm water and add the chai tea.

half warm water, half milk.

read this article how to make your morning tea healthy…

bohoth aasan hai google karo (: if u dont understand hindi then what i said was just google it. there are loads of recipes online which are really good and easy to follow


boil small amout of water and then put some tea into boil water and after few minutes put some milk and ur tea is ready

first you should boil water and put tea leafs,sugar and milk.let it boil for few minute and then is ready to serve.

Use equal amounts of water and the tea mix.

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