What are the name of the potatoes people cook in the morning?!

Question: What are the name of the potatoes people cook in the morning?
My mind is outta wack today and i totally forgot what they were called. How do i make them?


Hash Browns or Fried Potatoes

Put a little bit of bacon grease and salt and pepper to taste in a frying pan. Cut the potatoes in cubes and cook them until they're soft. Me personally, I like the potatoes dripping in grease but alot of people use just a little bit of grease.

I love to eat.


Home fries.

Cut your potatoes in small chunks. ... Put into a skilled with about a quarter inch grease in the bottom...(You don't want a lot of grease, you're not making french fries)

Tightly cover the skilled and let the potatoes steam and brown. Turn occasionally.

Meanwhile, slice up an onion. Put it in a soup bowl with a little water and microwave until soft. Drain off any liquid.

Turn your potatoes to brown the last that needs it, and pour the onions on top. Cover again and let it all finish cooking.

This is my husbands favorite breakfast. ..... I make it like his Mother used to... :~)


Hash Browns? Just grate a potato into a pan of hot oil.
You can sprinkle with flour for a binder; but they may have enough.

Russets or Idahos, Maine or Eastern, sometimes Redskins or Yellow Golds.

In Mexico, we call them "patata."


Hash Browns, or sometimes Tater Tots :)

hash browns or home fries!
just cut up some potatoes and fry em up!

they are called hash browns or home fries

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