How much pink food coloring is needed before turning a cake red?!

Question: How much pink food coloring is needed before turning a cake red?
Today I'm making red velvet cake and I'm very excited! However, I only have pink food coloring and I was wondering how much of it I would have to use to turn my cake to as close as it can get to red. The recipe specifies a 1/4 cup of red food coloring, so what would be the equivalent in pink? Thanks :)


Pink food coloring will not turn red.
If you use a lot of pink food color you will continue to get pink although the more you add the darker the pink will be.
You can use beet juice.
You can use more cocoa and make sure that the liquid you use is an acid, buttermilk, yogurt or sour cream. The acid will react with the cocoa making it more red in color but it will not be a dark, vibrant red that you are probably hoping to get.

unless you put about triple the amount and cocoa powder, it most likely won't turn red. Go buy some red or add beet juice or something deep red.

does your recipe call for coca? you might can use coca to help darken the pink

Just double it

Sorry for the short answer

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