Whats a good recipe for cold taco salad/dip?!

Question: i'm having a super bowl party and i just want to make a good taco dip!

Answers: i'm having a super bowl party and i just want to make a good taco dip!

Here are a couple of recipes which sound good:


Hope you and your friends have a great time!!


1st layer: layer the bottom of a pie dish (something clear and round if you have it) with medium heat, good salsa- splurge on this because bad watery salsa can ruin the dip

2nd layer: sour cream- enough to create a thick layer

3rd: guacamole (two large guacs mashed with salt, pepper, 1 tbs of lime juice and 1 tbs of Cajun seasoning)

4th- chopped red onions, black olives, tomatoes, shredded lettuce and sprinkle with mex cheese.

If your bowl is deep repeat layers 1-3 before layer 4

Have fun!

cilantro- avocado!
just put 3 ripe avocadoes in the food processor,add a big bunch of clean cilantro-not all the steam- half cup green onion,salt to taste,1 cup sour cream and juice of half lime blend to either puree or a little chunky.if you want add some jalapenos.

What Pea said, only add cream cheese mixed with refried beans and taco seasoning as your first layer.

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