I need help throwing a welcome home party 4 my husband!?!

Question: My husband is coming back from Iraq soon and I'm throwing a party for our friends and family...it will be outdoors, and the only thing I know is that it will be a US Marines theme...any ideas at all are welcome! (food, decorations...anything!)

Answers: My husband is coming back from Iraq soon and I'm throwing a party for our friends and family...it will be outdoors, and the only thing I know is that it will be a US Marines theme...any ideas at all are welcome! (food, decorations...anything!)

What is your husband's favorite dish? That's what I would serve as part of the food options since he's probably been craving it for months. Since it's outside, I'd do a BBQ: grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs and steak, with some side salads. I don't think you need a lot of decorations, but I would get a poster board, put a picture of him in the middle and have everyone write a little note (how much they missed him, thanks, or appreciation or whatever they want).

As far as food since he's been in Iraq I would serve either steak, hamburger's, hot dogs, chicken or some of each since I know he doesn't get to eat like that over there.

BTW thank him for fighting for our country for me!

If he's been in Iraq, there are a lot of things he hasn't had access to -- alcohol and pork products among them. If he's into those things, they would be good things to serve.

I think really, he'll be happy to be safe, home and among his loved ones again...especially with you. How about this: Relive your honeymoon -- where'd you go? Or your first date? Go back to happy times for the two of you.

Good luck to you!

BBQ whatever his favorite food. Homemade potato salad. Lots of beer or whatever his favorite drink is. Family pictures blown up large and posted around, especially of those who can't come.

Depending on finances...you provide the main dish and tea, lemonade, coffee and ask family and friends to each bring a favorite side dish or two and/or dessert..
Colors: red, white and blue of course.

Pick a menu and either do a grill out or main dish casseroles and sides.

Ask family and friends what they'd like to bring, be prepared to give Choice of suggestions based on what you'd like to serve:
"Aunt Betty would you like to bring Grandpa Bill's favorite pound cake, apple pie or even both. I'm asking Uncle Steve to do his chilie beans and slaw. etc. Maybe Cousin Sue will do her green beans and bring her ice cream freezer and the fixings to make her banana split ice cream."

Ice cream freezers and homemade ice cream
Aunt Betty's pound cake
Uncle Steve's red hot chili beans
Sue's green bean casserole
Friend Paula's Brownies
Grandma's dumplings and buttermilk biscuits, etc

More along the lines of a church or family reunion spread because you Are having a reunion. Ethnic foods if they are a family favorite.

Hamburgers and buns, lettuce, tomato, cheese, condiments
Hot dogs and buns, chilie, slaw, cheese, condiments
Pasta salad, potatoe salad, potato chips
Veggie Nibbles
Meat Loaf
Spiral Ham
Turkey, dressing

Dessert, dessert, dessert-cookies, pies, cakes, cookies
(always great to fill empty spots)

You'll also provide: cups, plates, napkins, Ice, forks, spoons, paper towels, serving spoons unless you have an "in" with someone who can get them for less than you can.

Suggest guest bring food in their own coolers and reserve your coolers for beverage ice.

Add to your need to have on hand list: freezer bags, plastic wrap, tape for food and paper table cloth, scissors.
Name tags, since a lot might know each other.

Welcome Home Poster, everyone signs and could produce a small picture of themselves to sign and place on poster to frame and hubby keep.
Especially good to add to card for those who just can't attend and want to welcome him home.

Established family cooks are usually known for certain dishes that they bring to gatherings.

If it's the right season: melons, cantalopes, fresh regional fruit plays well too. Since it is a Diverse group of people-- DON'T provide alcohol.

I'm from New Zealand and have never been to USA, but when my nephew got back from Iraq last year all he wanted (other than to spend quality time with his partner) was good ole home cooking.
Why dont you do an "All American" theme and have all of his favourite meals/dishes, or re-live his childhood and ask his family to help re-create meals/dishes he loved while growing up :)
I'm sure though that whatever you end up doing for him on his return will be heartfelt and will meaan alot to the both of you as well as everyone else involved :)

I'd order pizzas! When my brother got back he ate an entire pizza hut pizza.

I would decorate in flags like the 4th of July. I would make his favorite foods. Make him a welcome home card out of poster board. Let neighbors and friends sign it. When my friend came home- we had duffle bag filled with individual welcome home cards in it. He was overwelmed. We even got the local school to have students make cards.

Please tell him Thank You for serving our country! God Bless you all!

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