What should i do for my 14 bday party???????????????!

Question: slumber party! those are always fun. makeovers, movies, and junk food!

Answers: slumber party! those are always fun. makeovers, movies, and junk food!

Have a party, invite people, have food, get gifts, have fun.

idk. hang out with friends. go to the movies

I had a 3-day party.
Day 1: I went to an amusement park and a water park with my two best friends. Then, one of them went back to my house, and we had a sleepover.
Day 2: My best friend and I went swimming.
Day 3: My family and I went to Hersheypark.

ohhh!!! do a mystery party!!! have everyone dress up and have a charecter name, have there be this crime and you have to solve it. its sooo much fun to do!!! or if its just a girl only party then go to a spa where you get your nails/toenails done. or hair!!!! hope you have fun!!

It totally depends what your into, and what time of year! as you could do ourdoor things or indoor!
when your 14 though you can never go wrong with a day out such as bowling/iceskating and then a sleepover! or something like that anyway.
If your b'days in the summer you could go on an adventure weekend!
Also if your from England? they have a go kids go place where its like a ball pool place with slides etc but for adults about 13yrs+.

nobody can tell what you should do since we do not know you. Refer to a friend who knows you well.

begin your life as a woman. have some booze, invite some guys over, and blow them all.

for my 14 b-day party... i bought like 999999 energy drinks.... then we drank all of them i like 5 min... and yea... u choose what u do for the rest of the night... we pretty much ran around in the middle of a busey street and then the next thing we kno there were 5 ppl in my house on the floor, 5 ppl laying in my backyard, 5 ppl in the tent, and like 4 ppl on my tramp...

funnest night of my life

here are some fun ideas
-go to the movies followed by dinner
-get manicures and pedicures at the nail salon
-have a sleepover with a dinner at a restaurant followed by smoothies and bagels in the morning
-have a dance party
HAVE FUN! I hope this has helped!

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