When you have a potluck.......?!

Question: luncheon at work, do you think you should eat if you DIDN'T bring anything?!?!?!

Answers: luncheon at work, do you think you should eat if you DIDN'T bring anything?!?!?!

would you eat at a restaurant if you knew you didn't bring any money?

No, that would be rude. But if u didn't know about tit then sure why not. Just eat reasonably. Not like a pig. Next time bring extra.

Yes--especially if that person has participated in potlucks before. Maybe that person didn't have extra money to buy something--I've been in that boat before. Or didn't have time. Or simply forgot.

Common courtesy should tell people not to take if you didn't give. If it's just once, you forgot or you're broke this week, that's fine. But I get really tired watching the same freeloaders chow down month after month.

Some people bring a $2 bag of chips or a 2 liter of soda. Others spend time and money making a nice dish. There should be some kind of ground rules that every one follows.

It would depend on the abundance and type of food. If there seems to be more than enough to go around and there are a variety of finger type foods then feel free to nibble. If the food isn't that plentiful and is mainly composed of main dishes or side dishes, then I would skip it.

If you do go ahead and eat and feel guilty about it, be sure to bring something in the next few days to leave in the break room. (Brownies cut into bite size squares, cookies, etc...)

I have eaten when I didn't bring any food because there's always plenty of food. Also, when I do bring food, it usually costs me more than I would spend for my own lunch. Most of the time I do bring something.

BUT there's this one guy in our office who has the same jar of jalapeno peppers in his desk that he always "brings". They haven't been opened, cause no one eats them, and he knows this. He can't say he didn't bring anything, so he eats anyway. Now THAT ,I think, is rude

Sure---I have completely forgotten to bring something before---I eat with everyone and bring in something to share a few days later----big bowl of egg salad and bread for sandwiches or something. No one cares unless you make a habit of 'forgetting.'

Nope, unless there is special circumstances or the group has agreed that a person can participate whether they bring something or not

of course a pot luck is a suggestion that you should bring something a lot of people bring extras just for this reason

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