What is the one thing you have for dinner every week?!

Question: me..arroz con habichuela
[rice and beans]

Answers: me..arroz con habichuela
[rice and beans]

spagetti and meatballs with garlic bread

A diet coke? Ok, seriously, once a week i have pasta.

Hmm...Either rice or spaghetti. Our family LOVES spaghetti. <3

There isn't one. We eat a tremendous variety of foods.

Italian. Sometimes, spagetti, sometimes lasagne.

Usually once a week, mac and cheese, homemade of course, with meatloaf.

I have chicken salad at least once a week and also fish. In fact I practically live on fish and chicken,probably why I like swimming but I don't cluck fortunately.

i have VEGGIES every nite...sring break is coming uppp

Beans! every dinner has to have a side order of beans :)


Chicken :( i'm so tired of it!

~Just keepin it reall :D

Me gusta más comiendo chile rellenos, frijoles refritos y Mountain Dew.


Rice or pasta. Hardly ever have potatos anymore. That and fish, every week, especially on Sunday.

french fries

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