Is Rachael Ray hot or what?!

Question: she is cooking for sure.

Answers: she is cooking for sure.

small bewbs

My husband certainly thinks she is. He says she has a joker mouth. And I don't even want to follow that thought......

She is annoying

Her breast are very small but I still wouldn't throw rocks at her.

I am not going to say she is hot, because I am a woman, but she is a pretty lady. I like to watch her sometimes to see what she is cooking. If it seems interesting and like what she is cooking then I will watch it. But I will admit she does talk alot. But it could be worse there could be someone who hardly says anything at all while making the food.

NO!!! joker mouth and licks it all the time

shes alright, my husband says she has small boobs and short arms, she looks funny.

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