Surprise for birthday?!

Question: I want to surprise my husband on his bday...any suggestions!

Answers: I want to surprise my husband on his bday...any suggestions!

Go out for a quite dinner and give 2 tickets to go away somewhere....

go out for dinner or something

Why not if you have kids send them to a friends house for the night turn down the lights, turn on some music make a really nice dinner and have a few drinks then have rose petals leading to the bathroom and have a really nice bubble bath and then have more rose pedals from the bathroom to the bedroom and have a nice pair of sexy boxers for him and something sexy for your self to put on have some wine in there on ice and candles everywhere and get some message oils and have choc. dipped starwberrys and cream in there and just have fun with it.

Make him a romantic dinner at home... serve strawberries and whip cream for dessert... rose petals on the scented bath for two...

good day,
Surprise him- have candles lite everywhere, kids at sitter,romantic music playing softly
champagne iced and dinner complete, answer the door w/ nothing on but a big Bow...
If that's not your style;
Get a sitter, ice champagne, hire 2 local massage therapist to come to your house and give you both massages...

what are his favorite things to do? revolve it around him- not stuff you think he may like (romantic dinners, candles, etc). maybe a show or event is coming to your town he likes- sporting events, movies, concerts, strip clubs, comedy club, make him his favorite meal, 30 min massage wearing something naughty maybe!? make it fun!

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