What are the benefits of chewing gums?!

Question: AND what are the disadvantages of chewing gums ? AND what is your favorite brand of chewing gum ?

Answers: AND what are the disadvantages of chewing gums ? AND what is your favorite brand of chewing gum ?

Increases bloodflow to the brain which is actually helpful when studying.
Makes your breath smell nice
Makes you salivate so you don't get a dry mouth (helpful when you have to talk a lot)

Sugars in the gum can cause cavities
Sore jaw if you chew alot of gum
Looks disgusting when your trying to talk to somebody and you can see the back of their throat cause they are chewing with thier mouth open
Hard to get out of hair,clothing,carpets

a benefit is it helps your mind get going...but it is addicting :P my favorite brand is 5 (the blue flavor)

The benefits of chewing gum are that if you chew it after you eat it cleans your teeth, it reduces plaque and cavities, it relieves stress and focuses the mind, and can help you maintain and lose weight, it's also refreshing and taste good the disadvantages if swallowed it will be in your stomach for six years and it absorbs alot of the saliva in your mouth. My favorite gum is a gum called five gum by Wrigley the flavor stays in your mouth for a very long time

for pleasure and for exercise, I said pleasure because in my part, i always chew gums whenever i am alone. Even in my room or ven in my study hours. and serve as my jaw exercise in able to have a healthy chewing habit.
here in our place, judge is the Best. It has a mint flavor but not too much strong. it is mild and very delicious . thy always saying that person who always chews he is a goat. .maybe..

Benefit : Just time pass (Just chew every time like a cow)
Disadvantage : harmful for health
I don't eat so I don't know


chewing gum main diadvantage is that if you sleep having it in your mouth it may stick in the wind pipe and may cost your life.benifit is that you are less tired and feal less hungery

keeping your teeth healyh bright and white....
i like the blues

I dunno...I had an addiction to it during school though. Seems to be, everytime I had gum, I did my work better haha...

I like dentyne. lol

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