Surprise party steps?!?!

Question: Hi i am planning a surprise party for my bff whos 13 any good ideas for food, music stuff? thanks!

Answers: Hi i am planning a surprise party for my bff whos 13 any good ideas for food, music stuff? thanks!

Don't drink energy drinks. Sheesh, kids, read the side of the can - there's a reason they are labeled as not for teens/children. Get a drink that won't give you heart palpitations, dehydration or fainting if you drink more than one of them - you know, those old fashioned ones like Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite...

Pizza is cheap, and easy to feed everyone with. Nachos are also fun and easy to make - throw the nachos onto a pan, toss on the cheese, serve with salsa and guacamole. Chips, candy and cake of some sort are also a must.

As for music, that really depends on your friends' tastes. I have some friends who'd want to hear oldies like Metallica and Kiss, I have some friends who'd want hip hop all the time. If I were you, I'd pretend you were making a mix CD for the car or something, and ask your friends what songs they'd want to hear - that way you don't spoil the surprise, but you get music for everyone's tastes.

for food you should have chips candy, energy drinks, etc
and whatever you do dont play fergie!! yuck

Let the neighbors know of the party in advance and invite them as well. Pay attention to the type of music ur friend likes and play that type of music for the party.



There is a compilation series on iTunes which is the best dance music I've found around recently... it's called "Euro Club Hits" and there are currently 5 volumes.... here is the link, check it out:

It's also on the new download service at

Let me know what u think!

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