What can I do for invitations for my husbands 40th bday white trash party?!

Question: I am having my husbands 40th birthday and I need ideas for the invitations! The trashier the better!!

Answers: I am having my husbands 40th birthday and I need ideas for the invitations! The trashier the better!!

Make them out of duct tape.

Layer the duct tape so it will be a couple layers thick and the size you need. Stick sticky sides together and the write the information with a Sharpe marker.

Put a picture of your husband doing something awkward or embarrassing on the front (with duct tape of course)....Polaroid and 30 years old if possible...photo copy it so you get the Polaroid effect.

Tie closed with some old rope 1/4 inch will probably work.

I don't have any grand ideas for envelopes though...sorry.

Get some placemats from a barbeque restaurant, dirty them up, and pen in the invitations on the back.

Write them on old newspaper. Or on napkins!! Cheapest thing ever...

Or write them on labels and put the labels on beer bottles/cans, and use those as invitations.


I agree with Sprite A. Writing the invitation on a label sounds good. You could stick them on empty beer cans.
You could always dress up like the ultimate white trash, you and your hubby, complete with 'i love truckin' hats, a beer can in his hand, messy hair and short short ripped denim shorts then take a photo and write the details on the back of that.

make an invitation... print it.... eat it.... wait about an hour... results are phenomenal! Be sure u dont flush it!

Buy a pack of wedding shower or a classy looking invitations. Fill in the info blanks inside the cards with black ink. Then take White Out and (mostly) cover up the writing so it looks like you are recycling an invitation. After the white out is completely dry, write your party info in the blanks. If you've really gobbed the White Out on, your writing over it will be messy without even trying. Then add some grease spots, finger prints and food smudges on the inside and out of the invite. Tear off a corner or fold in half to crease or otherwise trash it up.

Get invitations for a 4-yr-old child's birthday, and put a 0 next to the 4, with a felt-tip pen .... something with clowns & balloons:)

uhmmmm I like the idea you are running with....

If you, or your friends, have invitations for things they have been invited to , you can cross out the printed information and add yours.

I also like the idea of napkins or placemats from the local "greasy spoon."

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