I need help choosing a party theme!?!

Question: I want to have a party this year..and i cant think of a theme!! Does any1 know a really different but cool party theme for me to have?

Answers: I want to have a party this year..and i cant think of a theme!! Does any1 know a really different but cool party theme for me to have?

all depends on age.
A black and White party
60 prom
80 prom
Pj party
Jungle theme
Disney theme
Dress to impress
Clue dinner
toga party!!!
Mascaraed ball

why not try a hippie theme or a theme where u go as ur fav moviestar? All best!

Dress-up parties are always awesome! Then have games associated with the theme! =]

Rave party: Dress up in super bright colours. Get glow-sticks and sparklers. :]

80's Glam: Dress up like a trashy rocker from the 80s! Big glasses, big heels, big hair. :]

Pimps and hoes: Self-explanatory, LOL. Hats and fishnets are goood. :]

Horror-shock-party: Dress up as vampires, nurses, or just come in looking scary. :]

Celebrity/Character party: Dress up as a character or celebrity from a movie/show/book. :D

Hippie/70s theme: Dress up as a Hippie, or wear totally flared out pants with an afro wig. :D

That's all that's coming to mind right now...

Costume party. They always chear everyone up.

how about a favorite movie theme. Or song theme. Or vacation spot theme like hawaii, florida, Puerto Rico..etc.

dress up like cartoons.
ur fav cartoons......and c da fun......evryone wi; luk sooooooooooo funyyyyyyyyyyy

80s Night or
Hippie theme

Hopefully you'll find this a bit different,

*Jungle Jam - Decorate your yard or room with the jungle theme. Which can be as simple as multi green crepe streamers entwine to make vines. If inside use indoor lush pot plants. Place leaves on the floor. Place fake snakes around the place. Seating try cusions in animal prints and an animal print rug on the floor for the party food. Try and hire or buy tribal drums and clappers - all sorts of musical (african /amazonian) instruments. You'd be suprised who will get involved. Makes a fun party. Also costumes can be like tarzan and jane or jungle animals.
Cheers have fun!

what about a bad taste party every one comes dressed in really bad clothes the best thing to wear is something that don't match what so ever.good luck

pirates, disney, super heros, school theme, movies, theres lots it depends on what ages your doing it for and what the people you know are likly to dress up in!

Consider where you live as your theme.........and then do exactly the opposite. i.e. if you live somewhere cold or land-locked, go tropical with a Hawaiian luau; if you live somewhere very cosmopolitan, consider a Western themed party; if you live in a very conservative area without a lot of cultural diversity, try a Moroccan theme! Whatever you choose to do, get your guests involved by letting them know what theme you are choosing, and encourage them to dress accordingly!

Your guests will find this fresh and unexpected; a sure-fire way to keep them talking about your party for ages!

A friend just had a disco party. It was fun-- even for those who weren't around during the disco age.

First pick what you want to do, are you going to eat, drink, what type of music, etc. Then pick a way to dress. I've had tons of theme parties, how about academic? everyone takes it as they see fit, sweater vests, penny loafers, tweed coats, etc. Spiked punch, brandy, pretending to be intellectual. Futuristic 70's, (that being how the future would be envisioned in the 70's).

how about a "presidential" party? come as your favorite crooked president? Have "weinies" and cigars?

For my husbands birthday I am doing a white trash party! There are so many things you can do and it's really cheap too!

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