Things to do at a hotel birthday party?!

Question: I'm having my thirteenth birthday sleepover at a hotel with my BFFs. What are some things we can do that would be cool ad fun?

Answers: I'm having my thirteenth birthday sleepover at a hotel with my BFFs. What are some things we can do that would be cool ad fun?

Most hotels have an indoor or outdoor swimming pool or both. They usually have a gym and a jacuzzi. You could use these things and maybe bring a pool volleyball set with you that floats. You would have to check if you are old enough for the jacuzzi and they don't fit too many people. Swim races with ring tosses are another idea. Check with the hotel to see what the age limits are. You may need adult supervision. If you like movies (not x bring them and have a movie marathon. I was in one that had table tennis and even pinball machines. See what the hotel has to offer and what the rules are. Try not to disturb others but see if they can set up a time for you with activities. A birthday party around the pool would be great if you don't get cake all over . Again.....check with the hotel. See if you can have a time when you can bring music and maybe dance around the pool. If the weather is nice, they usually have outside decks too. I don't know what types of games you like, but you can incorporate your likes and your BFF's into something you all like. Truth or Dare? Be careful on that one. Have a wonderful and happy birthday! You are officially a teen now!

is it a nice hotel?

lots of fun food and chick flicks
games (mad gab, twister...)
kareoke (sp?)
do manicures, hair and makeup
take lots of pictures and make a memory/scrapbook

ive had one of these. ROOOOMM SERVICE.
haha also board games and FOOD

Depending on the hotel, they may have birthday party packages.

If not, swim, eat, play games, watch a movie, eat....have fun.

I ha da hotel sluber party and we played prank phones calss on rooms...

. Cute boys go mess with em or visa versa
. Double Dares
.Dance contestes
. Recored wach other doing impersations
. eating contests
.Lots of sill stuff

Make it a spa party too. Do manicures and pedicures. You can do facials.

Well, you could play hide-and-go-seek in the hotel.
It's a lot of fun!

swim in the pool if they have one, do each other's nails and make up, maybe make over night!!! Watch chick flicks and play truth or dare, or other board games! Oh and also room service or order pizza to your room!

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