Ideas for a White Trash BBQ?!

Question: My friends and I are planning a white trash bbq, so far our ideas are:

kool-aid mustaches on all the kids
hamburgers made with sandwich bread
beer in an old bathtub outside
hamburger helper

Anymore ideas?

Answers: My friends and I are planning a white trash bbq, so far our ideas are:

kool-aid mustaches on all the kids
hamburgers made with sandwich bread
beer in an old bathtub outside
hamburger helper

Anymore ideas?

-Make patio lanterns out of old Slurpee cups from 7-11
-go to a re-store (old household supplies) and get a toilet and plant some flowers in it.
-grab some mens brief underwear and cut the crotch out and use it as a tank top (your head goes threw where the crotch was and your arms threw where the legs go)
-don't forget to get a couple of old car seats for something to sit on beside the bonfire.
-a couch or a mattress in the back yard

Hope you have fun, this sounds like it would be!!

Drain a couple cans of fruit cocktail, put in a mold, and cover with green Jello.

Canned pork and beans.

***** added info *****

Tuna and noodle casserole.

Fried Spam sandwiches on white bread.

Bologna and American cheese sandwiches.

Dirty wife beaters with stains and holes
rusty lawn chairs
left over trash as decorations
real down south country music
some nascar playing in the background and maybe as some decorations

lime jello fruit salad
mac n cheese

How is any of this BBQ? How about BBQing some corn dogs, or sliced Spam?

at LEAST one non-running car (preferably on blocks)
make sure the beer is the cheapest you can find
mangy dogs running between the kids while they eat

Cheez-whiz on ritz (or other crackers)
Vienna Sausages
Beer can chicken
Pork rinds

And some recipes I stumbled upon that may fit in nicely (website is listed below):

*Bologna cups
This hearty meal goes well with sports.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Line a muffin tin with bologna slices (red ring removed).
Crack an egg into the center of each bologna cup.
Sprinkle each with salt and black pepper.
Bake until firm.
Add a slice of American cheese to each cup and bake until melted or you can broil cheese.
Serve with beer and tobasco.

2 slices of Wonder Bread
Marshmallow Fluff as required
powdered Tang drink mix as required
Spread a thick layer of Marshmallow Fluff on a slice of Wonder Bread. Sprinkle enough powdered Tang on that slice so as to completely cover all evidence of Fluff. Then spread a layer of Fluff on the other slice of Wonderbread. Press the two slices of bread together and voila: a delicious Tangwich! The perfect accompaniment to this meal would be rehydrated Tang but Sloe Gin & Coke will always do nicely as well.

Good luck with your party and have fun!!!!!!

*EDIT* Games: Watermelon seed spitting contest, sack/pillow case races, beer pong, tire flipping, and that thing where you have someone spin around looking down at a baseball bat then having to run in a stright line (good times!)

Old Milwaukee beer, or Pabst Blue Ribbon in old coolers on the front plates for the bbq..just hold your hotdog in your hand...provide "flannel" shirts for everyone to wipe their hands on and cutoff shorts are the dress code for everyone with the straggly ends dragging on your kneecaps...

Black wax from costume store to black out teeth...Fake crazy teeth. Everyone has an alias..Like Cleytus...Margie..Vern..Hmmm. What else does my family look like? Oh yeah Newport hats w/ the netting and adjustable...A 2' pool w/ a fat person in it...Fireworks...Really dangerous TNT or guns or something...Or the grill and some lighter fluid for entertainment...A firepit of burning trash. Old tires for planters. Roast a whole pig. practice...(caution if not rural)

don't forget big napkins, to stick into the neck of your shirt:)
Twinkies and Moon Pies would be good desserts.....
when you get that beer, see if you can find generic cans:)....(and the guys can smash the cans on their foreheads) .... You HAVE to play Jeff Foxworthy CDs too.....

For the ladies:
-Biiiiig hair
-Dark lipliner, light lipstick

Tell the guys not to shave the night before so they all have 5 o'clock shadows.

A belching competition

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