I am doing a Birthday buffet for my Wife on Saturday...?!

Question: ...what would make a nice buffet and what foods should I include do you think?

Answers: ...what would make a nice buffet and what foods should I include do you think?

It depends on your wife's taste, but you need to ensure that everyone is catered for, both meat eaters and vegetarians and any nut allergy sufferers.

I make home-made cheese and onion rolls, buyin roll out puff pastry and then rolling it until about 1/2 cm thick and then three quaters across put grated cheese and grated onion all the way down, and roll as normal, milk the edges then cut the pieces into inch pieces, glaze with egg and cook until golden.

home made quiche you can use ready to roll shortcrust pastry, and add caramilised onion and mature cheddar, other flavours include baked ham and tomato, salmon and broccoli

a nice selection of salads such as coldslaw, and tomato,mozzerella and onion with black pepper. Or beetroot, grated carrot and sultana

I cook chicken legs cooked plain, brushed with wholegrain mustard, and brushed with b-b-q sauce

maybe a nice tossed salad, with dressings on the side dont add dressings incase someone dosnt like dressings

hot baked potatoes served in foil or hot new potatoes go down well with a small knob of butter and a little mint sprinkled on.

just some ideas!

Big fruit arrangement, cake, cheese, crakers, relish dish, shrimp platter, big salad, sandwiches or rotisserie chicken, depends on your budget and how many people etc etc..

different kind of low calary salads...
and arrange the surroundingz with so many flowerzz!

burgers and fries
Italian: pasta, pizza, Tuscan style chicken
Southwest: tacos and fajita stations
Asian: spring rolls, stir fries, rice and noodle dishes

and nice desserts ,,, and most likelu go for that food which ur wife likes the most ,, its gonna be nice surpris for her

Depends on what your wife enjoys. I love food, and I love throwing a party! I would try to come up with a food theme. It could be as simple or as complicated as you would like. Do you want finger foods, lots of variety? Or do you want a main and a few side dishes, not as difficult as a bunch of finger foods, but could still be great. You could go with a Greek, Mexican, Indian, Italian, etc theme...

I think Greek or Mediterranean Foods makes a great buffet! Tabulee, hummus, babajanoosh, tzatziki, kebabs of veggies and meat, pita, cous cous, fruit, baklava. Hope that helps! Have a great time.

how sweet!!

-scrambled eggs
-sausage links
-cottage cheese
-fruit (cantelope,honeydew,grapes,strawberries,...
-bagels w/different types of cream cheese
-muffins (different sorts)
-platter w/different types of small boxed cereals (these come in packs of 10 I think at the grocery store)
-grape juice
-orange juice
-lowfat milk

good luck and hope your wife has fun!!!

Lovely idea! Buffet foods should not be TOO messy to serve or eat, especially with informal seating. They should be both hot and cold, although cold are easier!The hot dishes should be able to stand up to constant low heat. French Fries, for example, are not a good buffet food. Above all, party food should not be boring, i.e. salads that one eats daily may bore. I suggest that you mix homemade dishes with store-bought . Remember any dietary issues of any of the party guests, like low sodium or meatless items. Consider all food groups and menu catagories: appetizers, salad, main dishes, desserts. Create lists to reduce preparation stress. Some great food choices:

-devilled eggs( homemade best)
-appetizer quiches(availible in grocery freezers)
-spring mix with goat chesse sprinkles, light dressings on side
-at least 3 cheeses( served with crackers below)
-chicken salad( easy to make: cut up cold chicken, celery, grapes, mayo, pepper)
-crab or salmon salad( store bought)
-good, expensive bakery bread, sliced thin and cut in half or fourths
- expensive, interesting crackers
-swedish or other type small meatballs
-cupcakes, instead of or besides
- your wifes favorite, fancy cake

Prepare as much as you can the day before so you can RELAX, an essential to successful entertaining, the day of the party and enjoy it with your wife. And do not forget to decorate the table. A flowery centerpiece, with a tablecloth and real silverware and dishes are all one needs. And mostly have FUN!

Big fruit arrangement, cake, cheese, crakers, big salad, sandwiches or rotisserie chicken, depends on your budget and how many people etc etc..

I like a taco or nacho buffet.that way people that want meat can add it and those wanting a salad can get that.Variety and crock pots do it well..

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