What food should i serve the adults at a 1st birthday party?!

Question: I am doing a buffet for the kids and babies, what should i give the adults? Thanks x x
The kids food is really childish! (sausage hedgehog, piggy fruit bowl e.t.c)

Answers: I am doing a buffet for the kids and babies, what should i give the adults? Thanks x x
The kids food is really childish! (sausage hedgehog, piggy fruit bowl e.t.c)

I believe that because it is a small infants birthday party, the adults will get bord if they don't have anything suitable for the adults.

I think they should have coke and rum..or if you can margritias..but not too strong (you dont want tipsy turny mommies and daddys)

as far as the kids wanting some, make sure the adults keep the drinks like inside if the kids are going to be outside playing tag and eating the piggie bowls =)

Well that is my opinion but you should do as you please

Let them eat cake.(it is normal to supply a few sandwiches,cake and tea/coffee).

I would serve the adults the same as the children.they should understand its a childrens party.

In my expereince adults love kids birthday buffets as it transports them back to thier childhood, so just do more of what you are going to do the kids.

Jelly and Ice cream!

They will enjoy eating the same as the kids - maybe cut their sandwiches in two rather than eight!

The usual buffet spreads ought 2 suffice bud, quiches, sausages, sandwiches, crisps, nuts etc.....

i'd say Pizza and salad? easy and not too much to think about.

do like crackers, cheese, and pepperoni on one platter
and you could do different dips like taco dip, chicken wing dip, chili cheese dip, and others

I'd give them the same. They'll have fun with it! And make sure you do Jelly and Ice-Cream. You can't have a party with out it!

The adults should have the same food as the children. It IS a childrens party after all!

Don't forget the jelly and ice cream!

Serve them the same as the kids. That's what my family and my friends do.

It's for the kids anyhoo so if they are still hungry when they get home they can make something.

the party is for your child concentrate on them, i did, and just made a tray of sandwiches for the adults,after all its a babys party not an adults, so dont worryu about them

The same as the kids, lets face it they do not remember their 1st birthday. Now is the chance to have one they will remember. Jelly and Ice cream is a must. Don't forget lots of balloons.

and I want a goody bag when I leave!

i agree with you!!!!

adults want adult food. You are not going to serve them pureed vegetables. I've been to enough of these to know that adults want adult food.

make hamburgers, hotdogs, hoagies (you can get premade), or have your husband do a chicken BBQ. Went to a party and they got pizza. Maybe some potato or macaroni salad. Beer for the men and soda for girls. Chips!!!

like everyone else says
give them the same
1-its an excuse for us to eat all those yummy treats we dont normally
2-kids will start wanting a bit of mummy's and it will start a chain reaction

its the only time i ever indulge in jelly & ice cream, you wouldnt deny us that would you? lol

adults go to kids birthday parties to eat party food - let them have jelly and icecream or cake

Alot of people grill out or do sandwhichs,etc something both the children & the adults can eat & enjoy. And besides chips, you could also have a veggie try, salad,etc

sandwich tray, veggie tray, chips & dip, cheese & crackers, cake & ice cream

I think there should be food for the adults.

I like to grill when people are around. An easy dish to make on the grill is "Italian Chicken Breasts". Just get enough chicken for everyone and place in a plastic bag. Cover with "Zesty" Italian Dressing and a couple of Tablespoons of soy sauce. The longer it marinates the better. I would try to get it in the fridge by the morning of the party or the night before. Just grill the chicken until no longer pink. You can serve a large salad to go with it.

I hope this helps.

Just go for the normal party food, adults will eat it!!
Its a good opportunity to get rid of the crisps in your cupboard that no one in the house likes!!


buy a 6 foot long sub!! With a chip bowl or maybe even potatoe or pasta salad on the side!!

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