I have £4.75 in my purse and have to make dinner for 5 people?!

Question: What can I get and make for that amount?

Answers: What can I get and make for that amount?

Spaghetti Bolognaise

llb mince £2
l large onion 20p
3 cans plum tomatoes 75p
1 500g packet spaghetti 45p
1 garlic baguette 99p
1 tsp mixed herbs (if you have them)
Total price = £4.40

Dry fry the mince and pour of any liquid. Put peeled onion and 3 can toms in food processor and whizz up for couple of mins. then add to mince.Put on a high heat for a couple of mins to bring just to the boil and then leave to simmer for about 1 hour.
20 mins before end of cooking time place garlic bread in a pre-heated oven 200degs and cook for approx 15 mins and put the spaghetti on the hob in water to cook according to instructions on the packet.

I buy the value spaghetti when short of cash. and make my own garlic bread. this saves approx 50p. Plus if you have any gravy granules in add a dessert sppon to the mince mixture to prior to the end of cooking to give a more meaty taste.

Or try a casserole

llb of braising steak £2
1 small onion 15p
2 carrots 15p
2 large potatoes 30p
plus any other veg to hand
1 beef stock cube
Crusty baguette 45p
Total cost £3.05

Cut the beef into cubes, dice the onion, the potatoes and carotts put in large casserole dish with the stock cube, cover with water put in oven on a high heat for 15 mins then reduce to 120 degrees and allow to slow cook for 2-3 hours. Serve with crusty bread.

Hope this helps and have a good meal.;-)

A big pasta bake with tomato and cheese, maybe some garlic bread if your budget will stretch...

Pasta with a paste bake sauce. You can get them from any supermarket, they're cheap, and very easy to make.

If you have some spare money get a frozen garlic baguette to go with it.

EDIT: Haha great minds think alike hey Lucinda! Just posted it and saw your answer :)

I know you don't quite have £5 but have a look at this - the 'Feed your family for a Fiver' section on the Sainsbury's website:

Spaghetti Bologna's.

Bottle Bologna Sauce
Tin Tomatoes
Packet Spaghetti

spag bol, its cheapest dish ever,
minced beef- bout £3
1 onion-10p
jar of sauce-27p(sainsburys)
handful mushrooms-optional- 60p

chilli con carne and boiled rice loads of cheap recipes with mince. cottage pie, spag bol and just bulk it out with the carbs rice, pasta, potatoes etc.

Easy Peasy, For that you can feed more that five. Hang on and I'll ask my nan how she did it in the wartime.
She say's, Make some soup and buy a loaf of bread and make them dip. Then use the rest of the money to go and play Bingo.

cottage pie
Mince - bout £2
Onion - 30p
Bag of spuds bout a quid
Oxo cobe - betcha you already have some of them and daaaah daaaah

spag bol, cheap and cheerfull!

Spag-bol is a reasonable solution
Tins of Heinz spag in tomato sauce, and tins of ready cooked mince in onion gravy.

Two pans to warm it all up, and job done

About £4 to feed 5 folks

Best of kuck, as that is cutting it fine !


Some potatoes, maybe a carrot or 2 and a can of corned beef. Add water, a stock cube and some seasoning and you have a very easy, tasty "Corned Beef Hash" (OK, technically this may not be a proper "hash", but it's what we call it!)

Pasta bake is a good one too, as some of the others have said.

Good luck!

Message for The Silent Pen: - good answer! PMSL!!

Sausage casserole, mashed potatoes, spring cabbage

Rice/semolina pudding

Pasta is a great filler for a low budget and you can make it to tailor your tastes and budget.

banger and mash you can't go wrong with a bag of spuds x

4 bags of chips and a loaf of bread! DONE!

well since you are using pounds...i'm thinking you are in England....go to Sainsbury and get that spaghetti diner for a fiver!.....I sure you can get 25 pence from your couch cushions!

value spagetti bout 26 p
2 tin value choped tomatoes 40p
large onion 40p
some basil
some mushrooms 1.00

fry onions and mushrooms add the basil and tomatoes and mix witht he cooked pasta

Some great suggestions already but why dont you ask everybody to bring a dish......Take it in turns to dine at each others house and each time you bring a dish. You make the main this time...somebody else brings the bread, somebody else the salad, someone the desert etc etc .... We did this for many years when my husband and I and all our friends had small children and limited (VERY limited) budgets. Just remember to enjoy the company.

A pound of mince, a jar of Ragu, a few mushrooms, and a pack of spaghetti!! Quick and easy Bolognese....and you might have some change leftover!!

Why not have a roast chicken meal?
A 1.3kg bag of frozen chicken pieces (enough for five people) costs £1.41.
Bag of potatoes - 92p.
Frozen mixed veg - 49p.
Sage and onion stuffing - 13p.
Gravy - 32p.

So... roast chicken, boiled or roast potatoes, mixed veg, stuffing and gravy all for £3.27 (from Asda, if you are wondering).
And that leaves you £1.48 for a dessert. As an example, you can get strawberry or toffee cheesecake for a pound...

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