What's your favorite desert?!

Question: Sorry if desert spelled wrong. My one and only favorite desert is, drum roll, TIRAMASU!!!

Answers: Sorry if desert spelled wrong. My one and only favorite desert is, drum roll, TIRAMASU!!!

cheese cake- raspberry swirl

brownies- choc.double fudge and marble brownies

cakes variety flavors-stawbwerry, german choc, vanilla,angel food etc...

cupcakes- strawberry w/ strawberry frosting, choc. vanilla, pumpkin spice, carrot cake w/ vanillla cream cheese frosting, etc... ( don't forget the rainbow sprinkles)

doughnuts- boston creme, glazed, glazed w/ strawberry frosting, bavarian creme, apple fritter, glazed w/ sprinkles, munchkins, jelly doughnuts,etc...

icecream- Neopolitian, chocolate chip, fidge brownie, rocky road , cookie dough, mint choc. chip, etc....

candy- skittles, M&M"s , snickers,3 muskateers, hershey's etc...

milkshakes Strawberry, fudge choc. chip, vanilla, cookies and cream, etc...

cookies- chip a hoy's & oreo's

pudding- choc., vanilla, strawberry and banana

I like apple pie and strawberry ice cream. Carte D'Or ice cream is delicious.

anything with fruit, got to have the sweetness and fruit for the nutrition !!! strawberry shortcakes, apple pie Ala mode, banana Foster, all good

Anything that comes to my seat flambes!

Cheese cake, any flavor!

Mammaw's homemade apple pies (mini) and her red velvet cake AND her homemade chocolate pie...I could go on and on and on...can't beat that Southern Granma cooking ya know!

Gulab Jamoon:-) its an indian sweet, where its liek a nice soft toffee dipped in sugar syrup... Yummmm

Cheesecakes, of any kind.

Mexican fried ice cream (but not like they do it here, with cornflakes. Has to be done with honey, cinnamon and fried chips).

Bananna Pudding the homemade kind the real stuff. by the way whats Tirmasu.

i like desert with anything on strawberry but if it was chocolate it ok but not toooooo rich.

My favourite desert is the Gobi.

Key lime pie. and Banana Pudding. yum, yum.

Carrot cake with vanilla ice cream....yummy!

guess mine had better be too then!!

but hot caramel topped apple pie with vanilla ice cream melting over it would come a close second

carrot cake/ vanilla ice cream sounds good

CheeseCake..............Blessings Yahoo


Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Cheesecake

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