Im having my daughters 1st birthday and im buying her a $140 cake i have spent $150 on her theam and is it to!

Question: much for her 1st birthday? Im having like 40 or more guest of all ages with games and food cake ect. i have had people ask why so much money in it she is not going to remember it ! But i love her . well let me know what you all think about this please!

Answers: much for her 1st birthday? Im having like 40 or more guest of all ages with games and food cake ect. i have had people ask why so much money in it she is not going to remember it ! But i love her . well let me know what you all think about this please!

no its not much at all

she may not remember it but you and everyone else will

if you take pictures and video record it aswell she can look at them when shes older and know that you made an effort for her

hope this helps

sounds like this is all about YOU.

WHOA!!!! I decorate cakes as a side business and I can tell you that someone is ripping you off with the cake prices! Wedding cake prices start at roughly $2 per slice and you are paying $3.50...for an ocassion cake! That's outlandish...

If you can afford it, you can spend anything you want on your daughter...but, this is my thinking on it...when the party is over, the child will not remember anything of it, the cake and other food will be eaten, and eventually, even the decorations will be gone. Instead, why not bake her a cake yourself and put the money into a trust fund or in a life insurance policy where the child has something for the future...and will thank you for it one day.

But, you must do as you think best.

In another 12 or so years she'll start to have some concept of money and its worth so you could show her the receipt then and I'm sure she will be very impressed

we have always kept birthday party budgets 200 or less. but, if we made twice as much, who knows if we would spend twice more. how much you spend is your decision. i have always felt that parties for very little children were more about the parents expressing their love than about the children having a good little girls have had as much fun playing at the park and having a home made picnic as they have had at our $200 parties....what the children remember is the time spent.

I agree with the first post... sounds like it's for you you're doing all this! No one doubts that you love your daughter! She isn't going to remember anything - she'll probably be more interested in the wrapping paper than the presents - and how does she like being around 40 people? Most infant/tots I know aren't really keen on the big bash kinda thing...
She'd probably appreciate it more later on, if you really want to spend all that money on her, that you put the money away for college or something...

OK i understand its her first birthday but wow do you think she will remember this??? I mean the theme can be fun and she would enjoy it but she doesnt no the meaning you should have waited till she was a little older so she can really enjoy it. An cake 140$ are you crazy it is a cake you spent alomst the same amount for the theme that is crazy. You could have got a cake for a good price (a cheap price) and it could have been cute and went with the theme. If you can be that creative to have a theme you can deffintly come up with an idea for a cheap cake i mean you dont have to make it yourself or any thing but dont spend 140. You could have done something else like open a bank account in her name and put that money in it.

Oh and you shouldnt of tried to out do yourself cause nxt yr your going to try to make it better then the last one. An dont spoil her so much. She needs to no the value of money if you teach her this now i cant imagen the rest of her birthdays and i dont want to see her on MTV and acting like them gurls on Sweet16. Just keep in mind how this could effect her if you keep doing this. We no you love her but you can show her that you dont have to buy her things to show it.

Be careful and good luck.

You many want to scale it down a bit and save up for the big sweet sixteen! ( I DO NOT mean like the ones on T.V.) I realize you love your child, but I can honestly say I have never paid that much for a cake. Spending $150 on the theme is about right though. That stuff adds up fast. I happen to be having my daughters party this weekend( she's going to be 11) and I paid $150.00 for a pool party that supplies the cake and drinks along with a lifeguard for the pool. They do supply paper goods as well, but she too had theme, so I got them myself. Happy Birthday to your daughter !

are you crazy? I don't spend that much on my birthday. For my kids birthdays i made a simple boxed cake in the shape of hearts it had 3 layers so I could let them have the top portion. we had just family and some grilled hot dogs and burgers. the babies won't remember this party.But as they get older that's the time for big parties. if you want to spend that much for a party wouldn't it have been better spent earning interest for a very expensive college tuition or even a wedding(because you know if your going to spend this much for a 1st birthday I can only imagine what her wedding will cost you?)

Buy her a $40.00 cake. Put the $100.00 in a savings account. She will thank you when she turns 18.

Its her first birthday so why not make it special.

I did something very similar for my daughter's first birthday. (except for the pricey cake- I think you are getting ripped off unless it's a tier cake)She doesn't remember it, but all of the family and friends do. I did record it and hope to show it to her for the first time Sat. (4-12-08) when we celebrate her 5th birthday. Be sure that the kids just have FUN. Make the games simple and quick. Be sure to take advantage of cheap favors at Dollar Tree, or just buy one nice favor according to your budget. Some people think I over did it, and I must admit I was a bit stressed out. In the end, I think it is worth it to make milestones special. I am doing it again now for her 5th birthday.

I agree that is way too much for a cake. I didn't spend that much on my wedding cake. She is only one and just needs a cupcake and a simple sheet cake it great for your guests.
$150 for the rest of the party sounds okay.
But if you have the money, spend what you want and enjoy. But don't over extend yourself, its not worth it.

As long as you don't do it for every birthday. That would spoil her.

its your money and your kiddo. can you throw me a birthday party too???

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