Graduation Party!?!

Question: Graduation Party!!?
I am throwing a graduation party and i want the theme to kind of be about how time passes by!. I was thinking of making the theme Time of Your Life like that song!. Does anyone have any different ideas on the theme!. Do you know any other songs I could play at the party!. (They could be sad) Any ideas for favors or decorations!?


I had Cliff Richard's "The Young Ones" as the theme, for our graduation we put on some slides shows of pictures of some of our classmates and teaching staff, our first day at school, the following years and some special events!.

We had funny mug shots of funny faces, people laying on campus sports complex after a football game in their "messy best", ice cream dunking at fun fairs etc!. These pictures are the decor for the mini exhibition that deck the school hall where the party was held!.

Those were great memories and we compiled the slide show into VCDs as part of the favor bags gifts for everyone to bring home!. Basically, it is a slice of history of my life in campus and until today, I enjoy an occasional view of the VCD and have a good laugh and reminiscent of those good old days!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Rockstar theme, play "party Like a Rockstar!! I can't wait until i graduate man!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Cat's in the Cradle is always a classic!. Tell an amusing old story!. I recently was telling a client about ice!. Back in our grandparents day, ice was a luxury!. Not everyone had access to it!. Back in the '20's and '30's it was a luxury to have an icebox!. Or even having a block delivered was pricey!. Of course, you had to chop up your own ice!. Today we still have ice buckets with tongs to put the ice in glasses!.Www@FoodAQ@Com


ever c the movie never been kissed do something like there prom theme all different generations and time phrames have people dress up from different times and stuff like thatWww@FoodAQ@Com

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