Do you like Mc donalds?!

Question: Do you like Mc donalds!?
I think it is WAY too fattening! I wanna see what the public thinks!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Most of their items are WAY fattening, but there are alternatives!.
For example, my boyfriend likes to eat there every once in a while, and i like to keep in shape (lucky him!.!. he has a high metabolism) so i order the premium classic grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo, a side salad, and a tea!. :) They also have great salads (if you get the grilled chicken ones!.
I like to stay away from the fast food though!!! :)Www@FoodAQ@Com

no, it's gross and usually makes me sick!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

yeah i like it but only if i have to eat it cause its mad fatteningWww@FoodAQ@Com

only the cookies!. when really stoned that is!.
ok, maybe the fries too!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

yes!. especially the fries
Gary DominicusWww@FoodAQ@Com

No I don't like it!. Their breakfast is ok, but their hamburger and chicken is questionable!. It is all processed and I hate that!. The fries are good, but that is about it!. I don't eat there anymore!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I really dont like it but do eat it on occasion!. Not bad when eating it but then has weird after taste yuckWww@FoodAQ@Com

I only like some of their foods some WAY WAY to greesey as you said some things are ok but some things make me wanna puke!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I only like their sausage biscuit and coffee!. That's all I ever order there!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I like the southwestern salad they saleWww@FoodAQ@Com

2 yrs ago i had a hamburger there(my favorite) and there was a reallllly stretchy/chewy part!. i havent eaten one since!. now i get fries and sometimes a parfait!. its a good thing because im avoiding all that fat!. i think mcdonalds shud serve gross burgers like the ne i got more often!.!.!.it wud slowly turn ppl away!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

when it was in jamaica, i used to like the fries!.!.!.but thats about it!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

i only like the filet of fish!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

only their mcchicken sandwich no mayo and fries!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I confess!. I like McDonald's!. Occassionally, anyway!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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