.Eeek!!!!!!! o.O?!

Question: !.Eeek!!!!!!! o!.O!?
Okay, so my 16th birthday is on December 4th and my whole family is expecting me to have a sweet 16 party!. My mum already found a place!. I'm really really nervous!. I'm shy and quiet!. I've never been to a party ever because my parents are so strict!. Yet, they want me to have a party with no experience of what a party is like O!.o!. I go to school at home, but I'm planning on inviting some of my old friends, some of my friends, and a lot of family!. I haven't really talked to my old friends, cept for on the computer/phone, so how will I get the invitations to them!?!? And how can I stop worrying about this whole thing!? It's gonna be awkward because most of my friends don't know my family nor my other friends!. HELP!Www@FoodAQ@Com

1!. Stop worrying!.
2!. What do you and your like the most!? That is your theme!.
3!. Keep it Simple!. You said you are shy, so don't go crazy with the details, so you can have fun!.

4!. Since it's not a surprise party, just ask your friends for their addresses and make up the invitations!. Here is a link to a place you can do the whole thing online, customized cards and the cost is low!. I used the postcards as invitations!.

5!. Stick to your guns on the guest list!. This is your party, not your friends or parents, so only invite the people you want there!.

6!. Food - pick a few of your favorites so there is at least one or two things you like!.

7!. Music - make sure at least some of it is stuff you like to hear!.

8!. Keep it Simple - have fun and happy birthday!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Pick a theme!.!.!.

Black and White
Pretty in Pink
Venetian Carnival
Mardi Gras

Research the theme on the web for ideas for food, decor, etc!.!.!.you should find some really cool ideas for invites as well!. Once people get excited about the theme, it won't take long for people to be excited about coming together for the party!. Just have fun and let your guests mingle!. Greet everyone and other people will naturally introduce themselves!. Once the party gets started, everyone will have fun!. Great music, great food, and a killer cake make a great party no matter what! Good luck and have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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