German Alkohol consume...Oktoberfest...?!

Question: German Alkohol consume!.!.!.Oktoberfest!.!.!.!?

Ok, I m a German guy!.!.!.respect at the German girl in the previously video B)

I m not a gene scientist, but is the reason of the German alkohol cult "Oktoberfest" maybe bounded at the German genes!?

have the Germans a general alkoholproblem!?

I dont know about the american culture, but are there alike cults!?Www@FoodAQ@Com


This map illustrates the average number of litres of alcohol consumed per capita:



Beer losing its fizzle in Germany


Oktoberfest is just a tradition, not an expression of cultural alcoholism!.

All cultures have traditions, where it becomes ok for people to do stuff that's not necessarily good for you !.!. I mention at random:

People in the Philipines get nailed to crosses during their christian easter !.!. (auch!)
Muslims actually fast all day one month a year - and all but binge-eat after sundown (they even admit, that this is not at all good for you: little kids don't have to fast)!. (Having that behavior all year is a diagnose where I come from)!.
Several western cultures have Christmas-parties at work (regardless of religious beliefs) - where it's accepted to drink your brains numb, and do down right stupid stuff like photocopying your behind, and telling the boss he/she is the very last part of the human digestive system, and that of some magnitude! (And if anyone knows how I managed to get home from our last christmas-party, please let me know !.!.)

As well as pretty much all types of eating contests and rites of passage!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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