Teenage end of school year party help!?!

Question: Teenage end of school year party help!!?
im having an end of the school year party for about 60 7th and 8th graders!. i have decided to have the party at my house and we have plenty of room and about an acre of land!. we are planning on having a bonfire but im not sure what else to plan!. i dont want everyone just sitting around because thats no fun! i have been to plenty of parties like that and i ended up leaving!.!.!.so if you have any fun ideas please share! :) also decorating and invitation ideas


I love the other poster's response of relay races and summer Olympics!. You can do a big barbeque, grill up some hamburgers and hot dogs, have an ice cream bar, lots of soda, lemonade, and iced tea, and LOTS of games!.

You can have volley ball, badmitten, kickball, softball, there are plenty of team games you can play being there is a huge group and plenty of space!. You can also do water games, water balloons, sprinkler, or one of those water things that they sell in toy stores, you run the water down it, it looks like a plastic mat, and then you just slide down it, but it's flat!. I'm sure if you go to a toy store to the water/yard section you will find lots of things you can set up in the yard!. Even Target or WalMart, even the big water gun, those water blasters, you can play with them in the yard if a parent can bring them later after school lets out and if they're allowed!.

If everyone can chip in, you can rent out a bouncy castle!. I know where I live, that's very popular here with every age group, even older kids and teens at every party!. I would stick to going to a toy section though and seeing what they have in their backyard and water section for games and water things that you and your friends can do!.

You can buy ice cream and toppings and set up an ice cream bar for everyone to make their own sundaes!.

You can set up lawn chairs, some with umbrellas over them and some without, so people can sit and chat when they want to, also get some inflatable beach balls lots of them for everyone to throw around and have fun with!. Get bubbles, make it light hearted and fun!. Even a bubble machine get a few of them going with bubble solution, see if any of the kids have any at home and that will be fun to have the yard filled with bubbles!

I would walk around Toys 'r Us and see what they have for spring, I know it sounds like it's younger than the age group you are, but you'd be surprised at the fun ideas you can come up with!. The water balloon fights, maybe even a tug a war game with the 2 teams and put a baby pool in the middle so the losing team goes into the baby pool, etc, I'm sure you can find lots of ideas roaming around the store!.

Make sure to have lots of music for everyone to listen to, I would also buy some beach pails and put the plastic forks and spoons and things in the pails, and maybe find some really small pails to decorate tables with as centerpieces, etc!. You can even use the beach pails and shovels for the ice cream and use the shoves to serve ice cream, and the pails to hold the ice cream containers!.

You can even use beach towels as tablecloths and lay some beach towels around the yard for people to sit on!. Get some plastic sunglasses and visors, go the dollar stores and see what you can find there!. I would check the dollar store first for these things then venture out to the other stores to see what they have!.

For the invites, be creative, but don't stress out!. You don't want to spend a fortune on them!. If you can get a good deal, and if you're inviting the entire 7th and 8th grade class, but a few beach balls, write out the invite, deflate the ball and have the classes have to blow up the ball to read the invite if the teachers will allow that to happen!. This way you only have to do about 2 invites per class and not 60-70 individual ones!. If you have to do one per person, it's going to be harder to be creative without spending a fortune!.

Your party sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun! I hope you and your friends have a great time and that some of these ideas helped!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Volleyball and badmitten nets !.!.!. softball games !.!.!. The Summer Olympics are this year, so you could even divide into 2 teams and do Olympic events! (relay races, volleyball, etc)!.!.!.!.!. If you have ice cream maker(s), you could make ice cream and have Do-it-Yourself sundaes!.!.!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

paper plates are good for a partyWww@FoodAQ@Com

um music! uhhh thats all i got!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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