Need Ideas for Birthday dinner at a restuarant?!

Question: Need Ideas for Birthday dinner at a restuarant!?
Hi guys!! I need your help!. Ok i'm about to print out invitation for my sister's 26th birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory!. Ok well before I print them, i'm trying to think of ways to make the dinner fun even though it's limited things that can be done at a restaurant with no seperate birthday room!. Have any ideas!? Game ideas!? Any suggestions will be much appreciated!Www@FoodAQ@Com

You could do a lottery scratch off ticket at each person's place setting to start off the evening on a fun note!.

You can get your sister a corsage so that everyone knows she's the guest of honor!.

What about, go to a craft's store and get a bag of those glass stones, the ones they use in plants and vases!. Bring them with you!. Hand out however many you want per person!. Then, like they do at showers, pick a word for the night, and whenever someone says that word, they lose that stone and the person that caught them saying that word gets to take their stone, the person with the most stones at the end of the night wins!. (this is like at baby showers when the woman wears the pins and you can't say the word baby or someone takes your pin, etc), you can basically use anything you want, in it's place, but I was thinking the glass stones are easy to keep track of and aren't bulky or too heavy!. You can have a prize for the person with the most stones at the end of the night!.

You can also pick a word that whenever it's spoken, you all have to drink, but for that, you DO need a designated driver for the night!. If you have that, you can play drinking games and if there's a word you consider taboo at the table or an action, like elbows on the table, everyone has to drink!.

Speaking of taboo, there are things that you can decide are taboo at the table and make them known at the beginning of the night, whoever has the least infractions at the end of the night wins, and you can have a prize for them at the end of the night!.

What about a hunt through the restuarant, make a list and print it out and bring it with you, one for each guest, each person has to find everything on that list INSIDE the restuarant and the first person to find all those things on that list, which you can be as specific as you want, (red haired woman in a black sweater, with a gold necklace), wins the prize)!. If no one has gotten all of them, the one with the most wins!.

This is all I can think, it's hard when you're in a restuarant and limited to what you can and can't do!. It sounds like you're planning a fun night for your sister though and I hope you all have a great time!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I'd just say do an ice breaker game in case there are people there who do not know each other!. also, maybe a trivia game asking the guests questions about your sister!. The one who gets the most answers correct could win a prize or you could get that person a drink or a slice of cheesecake that you would pay for!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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