Ideas for fast and easy foods at an beach themed bridal shower?!

Question: Ideas for fast and easy foods at an beach themed bridal shower!?
Fried chicken, you can just get it from your deli!.
Potato salad
Cole slaw (get the topsecretrecipe!.com version of KFC slaw, it is awesome!)
watermelon wedges
veggies and dipWww@FoodAQ@Com

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Beach themed shower menu:
boiled shrimp
crab salad in a ripe tomatoes(pre make or buy at market and stuff in the tomatoes,
lobster club sandwiches-buy pre cooked lobster and avocados,leaf lettuce and red onion and tomatoes and facasha bread and flavored mayo and assemble sandwiches before serving!.!.you can serve pina colados or pineapple juce in coconut shell, you can use big flat shells as plates!.!.!. enjoyWww@FoodAQ@Com

You could do an assortment of kabobs!. Meat!.!.!.Cut up marinated chicken and beef in chunks (you can find them pre marinated in the meat depot) and put them on wooden skewers!. You could even do shrimp!. Veggies!.!.!. Get all kinds like peppers, onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, squash, egg plant, and any other veggies you like!. Both the meat and veggie kabobs can be cooked on a grill or inside, and they cook up really fast! Fruit!.!.!. also get canned or fresh fruit!. I prefer canned so there's no cutting up, and they are easier to put on the skewers!. Use pineapple, manderine oranges, cherries, peaches, and any of your favorite fruits!. All of these are easy to make, easy finger foods, and make clean up a snap!.

For a cake, you can go to the bakery and ask for one of those cake that have a doll on it, and the cake part is the doll's dress!. And have them make it like a hula doll!. The dress, or cake, could be made to look like a grass skirt, and the doll could have a bikini top!. You could probably find a cheap hawiian doll for it!.

Hope this helps!. Have fun!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Get a pineapple some skewers and cut up fruit skewer the fruit and then stick it in the pineapple makes great centerpieces!. Very light as well!. chicken curry salad sandwiches diced chicken, grapes ,golden raisins!. small amount of mayo, pecans,celery, diced onion, curry!.on cocktail rolls!. sweet sour ham with pineapple!. and pineapple upside down cakeWww@FoodAQ@Com

platters of roll-up (or wrap) sandwiches from the grocery deli !.!.!.!.!.!.fruit platter (or fruit kebobs) !.!.!. veggie platter & dip !.!.!. relish tray !.!.!. tiered trays of assorted cookies, petit fours, chocolate covered strawberries, cream puffs and, of course, a cake!.!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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