Need ideas for birthday party decorations that cover every month of the year for 130 girls?!

Question: Need ideas for birthday party decorations that cover every month of the year for 130 girls!?
this is a girls camp with a cruise theme!. each night is a differet theme!. 1st night we want to have a big birthday party!. we need to set up tables to seperate grls according to the month they were born!. need ideas on how to decorate each table and the lodge in general!. thought about using holidays or seasons and even birthstoneswhich i loved but cannot find 2 website with the same birthstone information!. we want it to be special and affordable!. party favors too-help!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

January- garnet birthstone so you could either do a red theme or find some red colored rocks or fake gems or just do a happy 2008 theme with icy blue colors and party hats for ringing in the "new year"

February- play up the birthstone of amethyst which is purple or do a valentines day theme with red hots (candies) red table cloths and tissue paper in pink

March- birthstone is Aquamarine which is highly expensive and it is hard to find I wouldn't do the birthstone of this month but I would play up the fun of March's cooler weathered plants coming back to life like tulips or St!. Pat's day with the clovers

April- diamonds!.!.you could find those big huge fake diamond rings or diamond looking accents for the napkins etc!. I would play up the fact that it rains a lot in April or April fools day!. gag gifts like whoopie cushions and umbrellas with fake tinsel hanging off them like rain

May- green emerald colors and you could use the cinco de mayo theme with pinatas and "margarita esque" drinks

June- beach theme summer time, beach balls, sand in candle holders with some sea shells and little mini sunscreens or cheapo glasses

July- red, white and blue theme (I'm american and that is USA to me!) have some red table cloths or white ones, flags, things of that nature use those items that look like tinsel in different colors to make a firecracker effect with a vase

August- peridot or light green color which you could play up for the table!.Or just do a different theme of outdoors with fun things to do to beat the heat since august is a relatively HOT month (water balloons, popcicle makers, mini fans)

September- dark blue sapphire color which could be used for this or you could go with a back to school theme with books, rulers, cool pens, markers erasers etc!.

October- halloween theme for sure play on the pumpkins, and witches gouls theme endless possibilities there have a cauldron on the table and fill with candies and little goodies like pencils etc!.

November- turkey's on the table, leaves all over, pretty oranges, yellow and brown colors!. November is citrine which is a rich yellow color and it could be played up for the table!. Add a cornocopia for presentation if you would like

December- have some fake snow on the table the stuff that looks like cotton balls or heck buy cotton balls and place around in clumps on the table for a snowy effect!. Have some wrapped dummy packages or have some dradels along with this theme so that you can support everyone's religious backgrounds!. You could use gift wrap to decorate the table or table cloth with or even make place mats with the stuff

I suggest that for each month you take the theme's above and make name tags for the campers with the theme's in mind!. example: December- stocking or candy cane shaped name tag!.!.!.March- clover shaped name tag!.!.etc!.

Have fun with it!Www@FoodAQ@Com

how many nights are there!? so you sort of are in need of 12 separate themes!?

March April May: Something spring-y!. Maybe you can do a garden theme!. Everyone wheres a BIG hat with flowers all over it!. "Tea and crumpet" sort of thing!. With finger sandwiches and such!.

June July August: Summer of course!. How about a hawaiian luau!? Lei's, fruit kabobs, a hula dance off!.

September October November: Fall!. Hmm!.!.!.maybe a square dance theme with bails of hay!. Cowboy boots and flannel shirts!. Bandanas and pig tails!.

December January February: White Party!. Everyone dresses up in white!. Maybe a formal theme!.

Although, I do like the idea of birthstones!. You can do 12 different colors for a different night!. Instead of having one BIG bash!. You could probably celebrate birthdays for those certain months!. Good Luck!. Thats alot of themes you have to come up with!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

january==new year
may==some kinda of flower!?
june==lady bugs!?
september==red, apples, smart peopl!.!.for school!? idk bout that
october==leaves, fall
november==family, thankfulness, fall leaves

party favors are pretty easy for those themesWww@FoodAQ@Com

I LOVE the idea of Birthstones! This way it really shows the month they were born! If you do holidays, it just makes the table about the holiday and not about the girls! Same with the seasons, it will be about the season!. With the Birthstones, it's about the girls some of the them may not even know their stones and may learn something or give them something to talk and compare about!. I LOVE this idea! I LOVE the other poster's suggestions about, but here are the blanks for the months that weren't included!. This sounds like such a fun party!

January= garnet, do everything in deep red!.
February= make everything purple being the stone is amythest
March= the stone is aquamarine, do everything in a very light pastel blue
April, I LOVE her idea of the fake diamonds and doing everything in the fake diamonds
May= emerald, do everything in a deep green
June= Pearl, the other alternative is very very expensive (Alexandrite) so it's pearl, you can do pearl colored balloons, you know that color that the party stores sell that is white with that tint to it that makes it pear colored, go with that! You can also go to a craft store and by a cheap bag of pearls and hot glue them to things and make your own decorations!
July=Ruby make everything BRIGHT red, make it about the birthstone, not about July 4th this is about the girls' birthday, not about the holiday's in that month!. Decorate in bright red, whereas garnet is deep red, this is bright red!.
August=Peridot, light green
September=Sapphire, beautiful navy blue
October=Opal, or Pink Tourmaline!.
November=Citrine, an amber yellow, not a bright yellow, more like a goldish yellow, fall yellow, I wouldn't go with the Thanksgiving holiday, again, this is about their birthdays and not about the holiday, celebrate them!.
December=Blue Topaz!.

Honestly, I wouldn't do the holidays because then it's no longer about the girls,same with the seasons, then it's no longer about the girls!. If you go with the months or the birthstones, then, it IS about the girls and their birthdays and they can talk about and compare their stones and some may know their stones, some may not, etc!. I LOVE the idea of going by their birthstones!. I hope this list helped, but it's basically the same as what the other poster gave you, just filling in some of the blanks!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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