Anyone who lives in Washingto d.c. area. Need review on!

Question: Anyone who lives in Washingto d!.c!. area!. Need review on Restaurants!.!.catering!?
I'm organizing a lunch for thirty people and want to know how much is reasonable catering!. Is $20 per person too much!?!? It is Italian food with only 1 maincourse and salad and bread sticks and a dessert!. Once agian it is for thirty people!?!? Is it not enough!. Because there are vegetarians too, I have to have a vegetarian dish!? So 2 main courses salad bread sticks and a dessert for 600!?!? Is that too much money>Www@FoodAQ@Com

Are you trying to pay to have this catered or are you the caterer!?

Edit - I would think that $20 per person is reasonable!. They are having to pay for prep of the food at their site, transporting it (equipment is expensive) plus service of it!. Then there's clean-up!. It may just be lunch but it's labor intensive!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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