Please help me with deciding on the menu for a birthday open house for my 85 year old Mom?!

Question: Please help me with deciding on the menu for a birthday open house for my 85 year old Mom!?
Next year Mom will turn 85, and we want to give her an open house for her 100 some friends to come and give her birthday wishes!. Of course there will be a huge cake and coffee and various drinks such as iced tea and punch, but what finger food would be good to serve to elderly people that wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg!? Thank you for any and all advice!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Go for the non-spicey foods--Allow your older guests to make their own sandwiches==tuna salad, sliced beef, chicken, baked pork,==have the condiments on the side--mustard, catsup, mayo, relish, chips,(Hot escalloped potatoes, mixed veggies)== a relish tray, dinner rolls, a large tossed lettuce salad!. This won't cost you a leg, but will make a nice build-your-own!.
A cold fruit plate is great for the dessert!.
If this doesn't sound good---Go with a pasta entree of some sort--Stroganoff, beef & noodles, goulash,whatever--it's a free-be!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Something I always make that go over sooo great and look so elegant are little chicken salad sandwiches - I use a Pampered Chef sandwich maker where you flatten the bread with your fingers, put a little bit of salad in the middle, squish another piece of bread and put on top then you put the sandwich press on it and push down and it seals it and you pull off the crust!. They are adorable especially if you use wheat (a moist wheat) and a white bread so there are 2 different colors!. You can use any filling in it - tuna salad, PB&J, egg salad, etc!. These are good finger sandwiches!. Then you can use the crusts sometime to make stuffing or french toast strips!. You can also do this with some pie crust and filling and then bake them for little pies!. I have also made little pizza ones that I baked!. Very versatile little kitchen tool!Www@FoodAQ@Com

First, you can e-mail the White House (seriously)!. President Bush sends congratulatory birthday messages to people over 80 (I think that's the age) !.!.!.!.!. Fruit platters are great!.!.!. Veggie platters are a little trickier, since most veggies are hard!. Have some "softer" ones like snow peas and mushrooms; and consider lightly steaming broccoli florets or string beans for dipping !.!.!.!.!.!.!. Little quiche squares to pick up are good!. You can make mini cream puffs and fill them with egg salad (bite-sized) !.!.!.!. Make sure you have things without dairy (lactose-intolerant people) and some sugar-free cookies (there are some good store varieties) !.!.!. Mini muffins with honey-butter would be good !.!.!. finger sandwiches are good (and cheap) - egg salad or thinly sliced cucumberWww@FoodAQ@Com

Well first, congrats to ur mom getting to 85!.!.!. Deciding on what to serve for the elderly is a bit hard since they may have certain conditions that may prevent them from eating certain snacks or food due to ingredients and diet!.!.!. How about mash potatoes, baked chicken, mac and cheese!.!.!. I guess soft foods, just in case some can't chew on certain foods!.!.!. I know my Idea may be a bit pricey, I guess I'm a horrible planner!.!.!.Or if your mom knows about the open house>>> ask her for her opinion, remember she know her friends and may be of big help her input!.!.!. Anyways hope it comes out great and fun for her!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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