14th birthday help?!

Question: 14th birthday help!?
My birthday is towards the end of May, and I'm turning 14!. My parents are spending $500 for me to redo my room, and I'm pretty sure my mom is taking me up to a nice mall to a bigger city and out to dinner there!. What should I ask for from the rest of my family!?
also, I am clueless as to what to do for my party!. I've thought of a big coed dance party, sleepover, cookout/campout, dinner and a movie!. Pretty much everything, and I haven't reached a solution!. Any ideas!?
Thanks is advance for the help!. =)Www@FoodAQ@Com

You could just not ask the rest of your family!? If they ask say anything, and just see what you get!. You will probably get lots of really nice stuff!. People may even spend more than they would if they had given you money, and as they are family they probably know what you want!. However if there is someone who always buys you gifts you dont like, maybe suggest to them you want money!. =D

For your party!.!.!. The campout would be the one I would enjoy most, and I have never been to one before so it would be unique! =D

If you are having a dance party, you should make a theme!. An 80s fancy dress would be loads of fun, and you could have heaps of 80s food!. Or you could do an Around The World party, and have foods etc from lots of different countries!.

If its only you and a few friends, then you could meet up at your house, have like a spa day!. Do each others nails, hair etc!. Then go out for dinner and watch a movie, maybe even followed by a sleepover!?

Have fun! Hope I have helped! =D

For the partyWww@FoodAQ@Com

suggest for your family to give you gc or money!. if you are going to have a coed dance make sure you get a dj don't just have a stereo!. they could be pricey but you could help pay for it from what you get from your family!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

GAMES: water balloons, water slides, water guns, and scavenger hunts, Twister, Truth or Dare, board games, card games, volley ball, soccer, beach balls, "TAG", Hide and Seek!.!.lol, music, karaoke, watch movies, prank call, dance, make-overs, musical chairs, freeze dance, limbo, "WHO COULD EAT THE MOST HOT DOGS" contest, spin the bottle(if boys are there)!.!.lol , maybe food fight or whipp cream fight

MUSIC: pop music, alternative rock, tropical music, dance music any music that you basically listen to

PRIZES: $5,$10,$15,$20 gift cards and 4 grand prize maybe $35 or $45 gift cards at(Target, Jamba Juice, Hollister, Vans, Juice It Up, Hot Topic, McDonald's, American Eagle) any places u shop at could be good gift cards and for other prizes a cute stuffed animal, movie tickets, King Size candy bar, or (for girls) little makeup(chap stick, lip gloss, eye shadow stuff like that)or perfume and lotions!.

THEMES: Hawaiian, Luau, Pretty in Pink, water party, chocolate party, 80's party, 50's party, barbecue, fairy party, tropical flower party, black & white, Glamour girl, Glitter party, Aqua party, Celeberity party, Sweet 16, mall party, Fear-Factor party, Sleep-over party, Laser Tag party, Hollyowood Star party, V!.I!.P party

EXTRA STUFF: goody bags, pinata!.!.!.(put blind fold on everybody) glow sticks

FOOD: barbecue food, burgers and vegetarian burgers, pasta, pizza,chips, soda, ice cream(have them make their own ice cream with cherries,chocolate syrup,sprinkles)fruit, vegetables(celery sticks,carrot sticks,mini tomatoes) or Hawaiian or Chinese food, snow cones, cupcakes, cake
:] just some ideas :DWww@FoodAQ@Com

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