Party Playlist For A Pool Party!?!

Question: Party Playlist For A Pool Party!!?
MY Limewire Doesnt Work So I Cant Excately Dowload But My Friends Offering To Make A Playlist For My Party
We're All Teens, NO Rock!.!. More Dancey And Hip Hop, R'n'B!.!.
Something that can get people dancing, and relaxed!.!. its a BBQ so it'll go on into the night!.

Make Somee Playlists!?


my friend and i made this massive list for somebody else on yahoo
we're like convinced it'll be music to fuel the best party ever lol
but like mix up the order a little because the same artists are generally one after the other
and punch in the artist on last!.fm and listen to the similar artists for more :)
oh and soz there's no hip hop or rnb

Technologic by daft punk
Harder better faster stronger by daft punk
One more time (richard murder remix)- Daft Punk
Rock this party - Bob Sinclair
Love Generation - Bob Sinclair
Otherside - DJ Zigarich (wrong spelling i think!. but its something like that)
Celebrate the summer - DJ cammy
Listen to your heart (remix) - DHT
Peice of me - Britney Spears
Gimme More - Britney Spears
Justin Timberlake - Sexyback
YMCA - the village people
Get this party started - pink
Rihanna - S!.O!.S!. (Rescue Me)[radio]
Ciara Feat!. Missy Elliott -1, 2 Step[main]
Reason - Cascada
cascada - Everytime We Touch (Carlito Jay vs 2-4 Grooves Remix)
cascada - Miracle (Extended Mix)
cascada - a never ending dream
cascada - Truly Madly Deeply (Radio Edit)
Benny Benassi - I love my sex (not dirty dwzz)
Yeah Yeah - Bodyrox
Fedde Le Grande - put your hands up for detroit
Camille Jones and Fedde Le grande - The creeps
Fonzerelli - moonlight party
Chris Lake - Changes (dirty south remix)
David Guetta vs the Egg - love don't let me go
Armand Van Helden - NYC beats
Armand Van Helden - My My My
Supafly Inc - Moving too fast
Mylo - in my arms
Uffie - pop the glock (test this before you play it, cuz some people like it and some dont)

enjoy, if you want more ask me through a question i ask or something :)Www@FoodAQ@Com

Jade has an excellent suggestion, but just another addition might be a blast from the past, most likely you are no really familiar with but The Beach Boys have some great get in the surfin/swimmin mood tunes, and it might be fun to take a little groovy step back in time, and you can put your own dance moves to them!.

Hope your party is a success, good luck, Jackie bWww@FoodAQ@Com

Cheesy but jazzy jeff and the fresh prince - summertime
Destiny - Zero 7
jamiroquai - canned heat
gorillaz - feel good inc
amy winehouse - valerie
N!.E!.R!.D - She got the move
Justin Timberlake - like i love youWww@FoodAQ@Com

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