Im having a dessert/tea/coffee party.?!

Question: Im having a dessert/tea/coffee party!.!?
any suggestions when it comes to decorations, maybe games!? simple party favors!? food!? any themes!?
this is for girls only!.
we're 19yrs old and up catching up after not seeing eachother since highschool!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

You could have all the girls bring their yearbooks and compare notes to who wrote what in who's books!.

also, you can ask your friends to bring any pictures they have from high school, maybe not all their pictures, but their favorites, or what they think are memorable, any trips, events, times together, etc!.

Decorate in your old high school colors!. The tablecloths, napkins, etc, make them in the colors of the high school you all went to! This is a reunion of school friends, and being they're from you're school, decorate in those colors!.

You can also make cupcakes and ice them in those colors toos and get one of those cupcake holders they sell at Michael's and just about everywhere now and put them in there on display!. You can put the girls' names on them, or just decorate them in the colors of the school, like one cupcake in one color, the next in the other color, etc!. Alternate them in each color!.

For the desserts, do them in what are your and your friends favorites!. Do what you like, strawberry shortcake, cookies, brownies, cakes, etc!. Is there something from your school days that is memorable that would bring back some memories!? Have it there! Even if it's just oreo cookies!

For games, maybe you could make some copies of Freshman pictures of some of your classmates and have them guess who they are!. Everyone changes throughout their high school years and you can go through your yearbook and pick a few people you all know, enlarge the pictures a little and have the guess who they are, the person who guesses the most, wins!

You can also do guess the year, go to one of those websites that tells you what year certain songs were popular, fashions, etc!. Then ask them if it was freshman year, sophmore, junior or senior, the person who guesses the most right, wins! You can do this with the songs that were popular, the clothes, the accessories, the movies, etc!.

Your theme can be High School Reunion or Girlfriends reunion or We're back together, or even Together Again!. Something to that sort that is bringing you all together again!.

For party favors, do things that were popular when you were in high school, what candy was popular!? Snacks!? Lip glosses!? Hair accessories!? (like for me, we used to pass Laffy Taffy through history class) if you have something like that, make that one of your favors!. Being you're doing a dessert/tea party, get a little tea/coffe mug and put the favors in there!.

Go to the dollar store and buy some coffee mugs!. Get ones that match each of your friends!. Match them to the personality of each guests!. Fill them with candy, snacks, and things that were popular when you were in school!. You can even put some of the teas and coffees you are serving at the party for them to bring home!. Then wrap the mugs in cellophane and tie them with ribbon!. It shouldn't cost you more than about $10/girl!. Especially with the mug coming from the dollar store!. Like if one girl's a NY Yankee fan, get her a Yankee mug, etc!.

For other games you can also do where are they now!? If you know where certain classmates are, you can have that as a game and ask if they know if they're married, have kids, what they're doing for work, etc!.

You can also do games on remembering who was prom king and queen, what was your prom song, junior and senior for both questions!. Of course you have to know the answers to those questions in order to answer them though!

For prizes, you can give out hand soaps, lotions, candles, teas, coffees, gift cards for coffee shops, lip gloss, etc!.

I hope some of these ideas help and that you and your friends have a great time!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Put on a brew! A big pot of tea with cups and saucers, all sorts of scones, cakes, biscuits, maybe strawberries dipped in chocolate!.
How about a big jug of Pimm's and lemonade with ice, cucumber, mint, lemons, oranges and lime pieces in!.

How about finding an old photo of all of you together and try to replicate it of you all now maybe wearing similar clothes and all in the same position!.

Make a play list of all the songs you loved when you were at school, it will bring back memories!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

You should have the wider selection on the teas and coffees, and just have a few desserts!. The desserts I like to have are a soft mousse (maybe strawberry), a vanilla chiffon cake maybe, and a dark chocolate dessert (can be pastries with chocolate dipping, or a more traditional chocolate cake with equally dark frosting, or a black forest!.)

You can pair most teas and coffees, with those three cakes/desserts as the base; there are a lot of prepackaged choices already now and some have great flavor, like wintermint or chai!. A simple party favor would be to wrap small amounts of the teas/coffees you're serving, as a memento of the party, and it can be brewed at home as well!. I don't think you need a big decoration setup since this is really more of a "catching up" party, as opposed to one that's a social event that needs to impress!.

Have fun, and hope my suggestions helped!Www@FoodAQ@Com

well have different coffees with nice things for them like pieces of sugar candy,sticks of chocolate- mint,cinnamon sticks and flavored sugar instead of plain sugar!.also a variety of teas!.
foods nice cookies and scones!!also English sandwiches:cucumber,dill and butter, watercress with butter-or cream cheese!.
a pitcher of ice cold pink lemonade or iced tea!.
everyone should bring old pix and little notes or cards you all exchanged back then!old telephone books-i bet you will not remember some people !.!.!.!., old calendars marked with what you were doing back then!!sounds like super fun!enjoy!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Just make it like a hangout party!. Then have a little music playing in the background!. Then for food I know a whole website full of recipes http://buzz!.prevention!.com/show/!. For decoration you should have a big banner that says WELCOME BACK GIRLS or something like that!. For games play games that you played in High School!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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