Party with no alcohol and parents?!

Question: Party with no alcohol and parents!?
Right!.!.!.I'm having a Roman/Italian themed party (please dont suggest i change the theme cos i cant, its set for a reason), and most of the guests [20+ people of varied ages but teenage] coming are more acqs than friends of mine because im doing it to mark an event which only a few people are taking part in!.
I can't really get any alcohol cos its the middle of the day, and i cba to think of ideas!. It has to be a house party btw, and there may be some annoying adults around!. Ideas on some things which are fun and will not cause chaos to my house!?!?!?
There may be a BBQ and canapes, but I need a few ideas on games to play or invent!? I'm probs gonna play a lot of music btw!. Who thinks I should have it as an evening event!?!?!?
thanks in advance for any ideas
Lou xoxWww@FoodAQ@Com

If it's Roman/Italian!.!.!. make it that way! Lots of simple Italian foods! Caesar Salads are easy, and great! Meatballs as finger foods!. Bread sticks!. Italian meats such as Salami!. Whatever your favorite Italian Food is!.!.!. serve it! As for the alcohol!.!.!. just use a sparkling juice and serve it in Wine glasses, or the fake plastic ones!. No need for fancy wines! Make sure to serve it with Italian Cheeses! You can always do a Toga party!. I know they are associated with Greeks, but Greek and Roman/Italian are very similar! Italians wore Togas, too!. You can get simple board games!. Some of my friends favorites are Apples to Apples; Man Laws, Woman Rules; Boulderdash; Uno; etc!. Just ask your friends to bring their favorites! Things like the first 3 I listed are great conversation starters, so they go on for hours! Watch a good Italian movie like Return to Me, The Godfather, Goodfellas, A Bronx Tale, Oceans 11, etc!. Have variety!. If you want, make an Italian Mystery Dinner Party! You need to get creative with that! Might want to buy some books on throwing a Myster Dinner Party, and give it an Italian twist!. Just get creative!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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