My daughter is turning 15 this june?!

Question: My daughter is turning 15 this june!?
we were gonna have the traditional mexican quincnera, but decided not to, anyway she wants to have a party at a local outdoor community center, any ideas!? activities for them to do, they are teenagers remember, I was thinking kareeokee and maybe a live band, so they can dance, should there be a theme!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

im just pitching ideas but!.!.!.

go all out like a episode of "super sweet 16" but cheaper

and for invitations u could get it printedd on those silicon bracelts!.!.!. and that wud be!.!.!.idk g\how many ppl ur inviting but heres a website!.!.!.

i ordered some braceletes 4m ther it came out nice!.!.!.

and get some cheap picturees of her printed from kinkos or sumthing and use a color theme like purple & white and every1 has to dress those colors except her!.!.!.

and hire a dj!.!.!.

obviously you cant get her a car!.!.!.but !.!.idk think of sumthing else!.!.!.

and get a punch fountain ($20) and / maybe a chocolate fountain ($20) and have fruits and other stuff for dinner!.!.!.like pasta or a BBQ!.!.!.

all toghether that wud cost like $150-$200

hope i helped


the theme would have to be up to her!. obviously if she doesn't want to have a traditional party, she has a pretty good idea of what she does want!. opening a dialogue on the subject would be a good idea!. a live band would be a great idea but try to make sure that they are either one of her favorites or that they are versatile enough to satisfy everyone's tastes!. make sure though, because this is a party about her entiring a more adult age of her life that the parental/ family influence isnt too overwhelming!. its about your daughter growing up so give her a little more freedom with the party!. itll be a more pleasant experience for both of you!. if you want to talk more about it id love to help you guys plan this so just send me an email ^__^Www@FoodAQ@Com

You can have a hip hop theme!. Then you can get a dj!. Then you can have your daughter and some her friends a dance performance!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

instead of a live band a dj might be better the cost shouldn't be diffrent at all and it will be alot better other wise idk what else do but that should be goodWww@FoodAQ@Com

Band or a DJ would be good!. Not sure what theme you could do!. Goodluck!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

GAMES: water balloons, water slides, water guns, and scavenger hunts, Twister, Truth or Dare, board games, card games, volley ball, soccer, beach balls, "TAG", Hide and Seek!.!.lol, music, karaoke, make-overs(if ther's only girls), watch movies, prank call, dance, musical chairs, video games, freeze dance, limbo, "WHO COULD EAT THE MOST HOT DOGS" contest, spin the bottle(if boys are there)!.!.lol , maybe food fight or whipp cream fight, play a game where herfriends have to figure out how many jelly beans are in the jar or have them participate in a contest where who could drink the most juice or water or whatever or who could eat the most ice crem!.!.lol!.!.that would be funny!

MUSIC: pop music, alternative rock, tropical music, dance music, any music that they basically listen to

PRIZES: $5,$10,$15,$20 gift cards and 4 grand prize maybe $35 or $45 gift cards at(Target, Jamba Juice, Hollister, Vans, Juice It Up, Hot Topic, McDonald's, American Eagle) any places u shop at could be good gift cards and for other prizes a cute stuffed animal, King Size candy bar, or little makeup(chap stick, lip gloss, eye shadow stuff like that)or perfume and lotions!.

THEMES: Hawaiian, Luau, Pretty in Pink, water party, chocolate party, 80's party, 50's party, barbecue, fairy party, tropical flower party, black & white, Glamour girl, Glitter party, Aqua party, Celeberity party, Sweet 16, mall party, Fear-Factor party, Sleep-over party, Laser Tag party, Hollyowood Star party, V!.I!.P party

EXTRA STUFF: goody bags, pinata!.!.!.(put blind fold on everybody) glow sticks

FOOD: barbecue food, burgers and vegetarian burgers, pasta, sea food, pizza,chips, soda, ice cream(have them make their own ice cream with cherries,chocolate syrup,sprinkles)fruit, vegetables(celery sticks,carrot sticks,mini tomatoes) or Hawaiian or Chinese food, snow cones, cupcakes, cake
Websites for great snacks and recipies :D

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