Whats the best party you've been to for someones b'day?!

Question: Whats the best party you've been to for someones b'day!?
I'm looking for ideas!.

What made it special!?

What made it fun!?

What did you do!?

How many went!?

Didnt you like anything!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

The best birthday party I ever attended was a scavenger hunt!.

The host had planned it for a long time I'm guessing!. But even the birthday boy was a part of it and didn't even know it!.

Everyone was to meet at a certain time at a designated place!.
Once we got there, we were didvided up 4 to a team!. The host actually put people together that didnt really know each other except thru the birthday boy!.

The first clue was handed out to each team, which sent us allin a different direction to try to fin the next clue!. At each new clue we would collect a present and another clue!.

All the clue were color coded per team and there were about 8 teams!. We were criss crossing all over town, and running into other teams, Until we finally got to the last clue that told us to go to the hosts house and bring the papersack gifts with us!.

(All long now one knew what was in the wrapped gifts, but the host had invited us about a month prior and asked for everyone to drop a gift by his office for the birthday boy, which turned out to be the ones we were picking up when we would find the next clue!.)

The clues were like: To find your next clue get in to your auto and find the zone!. which was auto zone!. And seceral of the the places in town were glad to participate!.

So we collected all the clues, and in our last clue, except for the birthdays boys team told us to hurry back so he would be the last team to arrive!.

So we all arrived with the paper sack wrapped surprises and when the birthday boy and his team arrived and walked to the back yard we all yelled surprise!!!!!!!!

This took place a week after his birthday , and he thought no one had remembered!. It was a great time and we all had a blast chasing after clues!.

The host did a wonderful job at organizing it and putting it together!. Plus we all had a chance to meet people we didint really know !. It was wonderful and our circle of friends grew with that common bond!.

we had 8 team with four each car so it was 32 people there!. It was special because we met new people, had a great time, all met back up withthe gifts we had already bought for him and the birthday boy never knew it was for him!. He thought it was a charity run!

There is nothing I didn't like about this birthday party!. It was a smash and I'd like to plan one someday!

Good luck and have fun! Jackie bWww@FoodAQ@Com

They rented one of those HUGE blow up slide things,like the kind you jump in,but it was a slide ya know lol!.

We were all friends and sometimes just sat back and ate cake watching other people on the slide/and it was a sleepover too

well,we played on the slide,ate cookie cake,played bingo!.!.!.0_o'

probably around 6-10 people I have no idea,some left before the sleepover

I liked everything!
p!.s!.it may sound like a 10 year old thing,but we are 13 ^^Www@FoodAQ@Com

is like a sleep over birthday party and is only 5 people but we are like best friends!.
we dance and play it was so fun just enjoy ur self!.
we love the part where we get pillow fight 2!.!:)Www@FoodAQ@Com

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