China party for 8 year old?!

Question: China party for 8 year old!?
Ok even though I am a huge asian fanatic, I want to see what ideas u have for a chinese themed party for an 8 to 6 year old!. Food drink, decor, and games/activities!. best and most creative ideas gets the 10 points :)Www@FoodAQ@Com

Tea on the floor with huge cushions would appeal to (most) kids that age!. If you've an Asian rug, use that as the starting place!. A mill end outlet may have material in bright colours and appropriate synthetic silk/satin to cover other cushions to protect against stains and match the rug colours!. Machine embroider fun Asian motifs on them, or fabric paint!.
There are 56 different recognized regions (though culinary terms most commonly refer to the 8 main) so a variety of foods shouldn't be a problem!. Choose some that won't be too strongly flavoured for them to enjoy and include plenty of the fruits grown in Asia such as pomegranate, Asian pears and oranges!.Have chopsticks enough for all to try using and a roll of paper towelling handy!.
Check into renting kimonos and face painting for girls; karate uniforms and a demonstration for boys!. Sword crafting with heavy cardboard or foamboard and faux jewels, metallic toned cording and a couple cans of spray paint could be an activity; or getting some plain white paper fans and acrylic paints to decorate them!. Rent a Wii and explain where it originated on their level!. Play pin the flag on the capitals of Asian countries on a world map!. Make paper lanterns for them to take home!. Make a game out of determining their zodiac sign and make masks depiciting whatever they fall under (monkey, rat, etc!.)!.
If you've lots of time ahead, make a dragon and explain the New Year rituals, serving traditional food and drink!. Check your city ordinances regarding fireworks and have a small show if you can!.
Use native Asian flowers to decorate!. See if the nursery has or can get small plants to encourage little gardeners and pick up some dollar store plant holders!. Stencil dragons, elephants or zodiac signs on them with acrylics!. Don't forget to include care directions!.
Talk to a pottery painting shop or art supply store with classes and decorate plates, incorporating a history lesson without the kids knowing it!. Pick up the plateware when it's done and let them have a memento to keep!.
Get some brass beads, chinese coins, faux jade, etc!. and findings and make jewelry!. If it is a small number of children, consider miniature tea sets!.
Emphasize the traditional aspects and be ready to answer questions about any of it!. Kids that age are curious!. Have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

For food, definitely fried rice, and fortune cookies :) and those chinese lanterns for decorations!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

The other answers are really good, and the only thing I can add is PANDASWww@FoodAQ@Com

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