What are some things to do at a party for a teenager?!

Question: What are some things to do at a party for a teenager!?
like not a theme like a dnace or anything!. like some games to play and stuff like that!. im 14 and im havin a party soon and idk what to doWww@FoodAQ@Com

I'm glad alcohol and drugs aren't part of your plans!. Too often they are for teens!.

Music, dancing, Twister (LOL)
or a DVD trivia game are good ideas!.!.!.!.
Plus snacks, drinks, or you could have a movie night!!
Or pool party (if you have one)
Good luck!!!!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Bonfire with smores, music, rent a scary movie, truth or dare, twister!.!.!.usually if u get enough people together the party will just happen!. Make sure there's music and food and a lot of the time the rest comes together!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

truth or dare is always a blast~ video game playoffs!.!.!. makeovers!.!.!. playing twister!.!.!. i remember playing truth or dare before where you dare each other to eat gross things, such as ketchup on cocoa puffs!.!.!.or ice cream with pickles and onions!.!. etc!.!. lolWww@FoodAQ@Com

the wuss test: get thumb tacks and push them in your skin last one to gives wins

Truth or dare

Spin the bottle

all you can eat test

eat a quarter/half/whole butter stick

pull the prank on the sleeping dudeWww@FoodAQ@Com

iceskating,spin the bottle, and truth or dare! have fun and happy bithday =]Www@FoodAQ@Com

Go to this site! It's so much help, people put there own exp in it so it helps alot!


online truth and dare, spin the bottle and something ur age that happens at most partiesWww@FoodAQ@Com

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