We're throwing a 'End of construction' Party for our neighbors?!

Question: We're throwing a 'End of construction' Party for our neighbors!?
On our street (about 25-30 people) I'm thinking about having finger foods, and Wine/Beer!. (No children) But I didn't like the idea of having a full-on meal (as we don't have enough seating for 30 people)

I'd like some idea for themes, decorations (we have a good-sized back yard) and food!

PS!. We do have a lot of mosquitoes in our backyard, does anyone have an clue on how to get rid of them!? (We've tried the large scented candles (which works great) but usually just for a small area, I need something that can rid the Whole Yard of the lil buggers!

Thanks for your help!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Cool idea!!

I would decorate in orange, black, yellow, and white, in construction colors! Get those colors in balloons and streamers, flowers, and that keep back tape, that tape that's yellow with black writing!. You can even get duct tape and wrap that around some things! Make it fun! Being the construction's over, make it about that and use those kind of decorations to make it the theme of the party!

For centerpieces you can even use toy tools and things mixed in with flowers! Or get those canvas tool bins and put some tools in there, the dollar stores have tons of cheap tools and canvas bins and you can get them and fill the bins with the tools and even wrap them in duct tape like they're being held together, etc!.

For tablecloths, you can go with yellow, orange, or black, white, etc, something that you would have reflective like at a construction site, same with the plates and flatware, and cups, etc!. I would keep everything paper and plastic, being that's what you'd find at a construction site!. Make it fun!

For food, make it a buffet being you don't have enough seating for a sit down, you can also do a bbq!. Have hamburgers and hot dogs, salads, etc!. You can also do a pasta dish like a ziti which is easy and for dessert do a big cake to congratulate them!. You can also have beer and wine, etc!. You can even ask all the neighbors to pitch in and do the bbq and then have everyone make something!.

For the mosquitos, don't use citronella, the chemicals will mix with the flavors of your food and ruin it, so I would stay away from that!. I would go to your local Home store and see what they offer!. You can try a bug zapper and scatter them around the yard that would help and see if your neighbors have any they could bring too!. I wish I had more of a solution!. sorry!

I hope some of these ideas help!. You and your neighbors are so sweet to do this! I hope you have a great party!Www@FoodAQ@Com

How about grilled satay's!? I love Thai chicken with peanut sauce!. As for the mosquitos, original Listerine mouth wash put in a spray bottles and sprayed generously around your party area (seating, tables, decks, even door frames to keep them from entering the house) does an incredible job of keeping them away!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Buy TIKI Torches!.!.they have them at Walmart and not too expensively!. Food!.!.!.End of Construction!.!.have a theme for that!.!.!.decorate with "tools": (poster board, water color and cut out shapes:!.!.!.hammers, screw drivers, nails!.!.!.), hang them from a line across the porch!.!.!.balloons!.!.!.make Construction "Signs"!.!.paint orange!.!.!."CAUTION: PARTY!", "Slow Speed" etc!.!.!.grill burgers, hotdogs, hot links, chicken kabobs, lemoande or soda, bottled water for thirst quenchers, besides the beer!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Do drum-ettes, fruit kabobs, salads, taco bar!?

As for the buggies, put lots of candles everywhere, it also adds ambiance!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

that is awful nice of you, maybe you could do it construction theme!. use caution tape etc!.!. have lots of mosquito replant creme on hand!. i'm not be sarcastic, it is a nice thing to do!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Ok, your local hardware store will have products and professionals that can take care of your mosquito problem (stakes around the yard that let out a pulse, bug zappers, treatments) personally I use the scented off (like tropical breeze) on myself and find that bugs leave me alone!.

I think you should make it a construction theme - like you could have plastic hard hats as the bowls for the chips and pretzels and such!.

You could have a half-built something in your yard!. I really like momentos - you could keep out a piece of scrap wood and have all the neighbors sign decorate or nail into it!.

I think with an outdoor party, cooked finger foods should be a general no-no!. Try lots of fruits, maybe a fruit salad, sliced watermelon, maybe bowls of cherries!. Mixed nuts, rice krispie treats, jello (shots!?) are all good finger pickers!. And be sure to have a ton of those slide up freeze-pops you ate as a kid!.

Oh - here's a good joke your neighbors will think is funny - put a kiddie pool in your backyard with an under construction sign on it and tell them that to celebrate the end of the other construction, you're going to start building a pool - then laugh so they know it's a joke!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I read the other day that spraying LISTERINE keeps mosquitos away for a few days! I did it, and my dog licks where it falls, so he has good breath now too - lol!. Avon's Skin So Soft also works, but it's oilier; maybe some little bowls of it around (it also works for ants)!.!.!.!.

You could use "hard hats" for containers for chips & crackers with dips !.!.!. Get some roll-up (wrap) sandwiches at your grocery deli, and display them in a tool box !.!.!.!.!.!.How cute would it be to get a ladder, and put cookies, cupcakes & brownies on trays on the rungs!? (If you get trays with handles, you can tie the handles to the sides of the ladder) !.!.!. orange construction cones lining the walk to the party !.!.!. big pails from Home Depot with ice & beer/wine coolers!.!.!.!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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